Friday, May 20, 2011

Mouse in the Coffee House

Miranda: Hi guys. Thanks for coming down.

Clara: We rushed over as soon as I got your call, Miri. What's up?

Miranda: We've got a problem and we need to figure out what to do about it.

Clara: What's wrong? You sounded so upset on the phone.

Miranda: There are these two MICE! And they're trashing the store. They've got their fuzzy little paws in everything and they're wrecking it all.

Clara: Mice... I see. Do go on.

Miranda: At first, I didn't think it was going to be a problem and that they'd probably get bored and go away on their own.

Miranda: But now they're trashing my business and I feel like I'm always tripping over them. I swear, every time I turn around, there's one of them! Freakin' mice! Something has to be done!

Clara: Oh, really? Trashing YOUR business are we? "Freakin mice"? Hmm?

Miranda: What? No! NO! I don't mean you two! These are mice! Like little cheese eating, wall chewing mice! Not like you guys!

Clara: Oh, you're right. We hate cheese.

Miranda: GAH! No, not like that.

Miranda: Oh Clara, you know I don't mean you. These are mice like Pluto. You know like Pluto and Goofy. They're Pluto and you're Goofy!

Clara: Did you really just call me "Goofy"?

Miranda: Oh for crying out loud.

Miranda: No... I mean like, they were both dogs, but Goofy talked and Pluto couldn't talk, 'cause he was just a dog and you're a mouse but you're not... oh man. I give up.

Clara: I'm just messing with ya. I know what you mean. We've got mice!

Beatrice: Hey, Clara. She's not kidding about the destruction. It's a mess up here. You better come look.

Clara: Oh my gosh!!! This is terrible

Clara: Devika is going to completely flip out when she sees that they've attacked her "book club" section.

Beatrice: I'll start getting it cleaned up right away.

Clara: Miri, what are we going to do?

Miranda: Well, we've got a couple options. We just need to decide what we want to do. We should probably consult Lon too.

Clara: I'll call him right now!

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