Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coffee Shop Planning Meeting

There's a meeting at C&M Coffee and Books tonight.

Walking in, I noticed that Devika had gotten her sign up for her book group. That'll be fun. Maybe I'll join.

Miranda, Clara, Beatrice and Lon (Clara's brother) were all having a meeting about the shop.

Lon has been put in charge of putting all the signage up in the windows, so he needed to know what everyone wanted the signs to say.

Miranda was working on what kind of events the coffee shop should have and debating whether the shop needed a Facebook page.

Beatrice was there just to give her opinion as an employee, but more importantly, as a family member. And she did have a few thoughts, even if she said them rather quietly (she is quite shy).

One of Devika's roommates, Madera, was hanging around reading a book, so I figured Devika must be around somewhere.

She was.

She'd been hanging out upstairs, sorting out which books she had enough of for her book club to start reading.

She said that the bookshelves are slowly starting to fill up, and that she was pretty impressed with Miranda's decorating (she brought most of the knick knacks from home). She felt it really made the place cozier.

And cozy was what it was all about for Devika. She'd found her little corner of "book club" books...

... brought a pillow and a notepad and got to inventorying. I don't know how she'll decide what they should read first. She's pretty excited about having a book club. I hope a lot of pixies sign up.

Anyway, seems like a successful meeting, all in all. There's still so much more to do, but it's all coming together. C&M Books and Coffee will be open for business in no time!

- Wendy


  1. Always a great read! Can't wait for the Grand Opening :) Wendy, I am always in awe of your photos. The angles and viewpoints you take them from make them so realistic!

  2. Thank you, Creekside Cabin! You're very kind. :) Of all the buildings my Dad has built, I think this coffee shop is really the most amazing to photograph. The angles are all due to him and how he built the house for me. There will be more pictures of the coffee shop. Guaranteed. It's just too much fun to take pictures of! :)

    Thank you again for your kind words and for stopping by and commenting! :)