Saturday, May 14, 2011

Facebook Fan Drawing - WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!

Miranda: Hey Everyone! So, we finally got 25 "likes" on our C&M Books and Coffee Facebook page, and that means a drawing for spiffy prizes!

Devika: Yaay!

Miranda: My lovely assistant, Devika, will be randomly drawing one of the index cards I've written everyone's names on and folded in half.

Devika: Got it!

Miranda: Ooooh... the suspense! Who will it be? No peeking, Devika!

Devika: I'm not peeking. Promise. Got one!

Miranda: Hand it to me please.

Devika: We need a drum roll!

Miranda: And the winner is Tiffany B!!!

Devika: YAAY!!!

Miranda: Vee, do you know Tiffany?

Devika: Nah, but she "liked" us, right? So she must be great! Yaay, Tiffany! OH! I'll get the prize!

Miranda: Tiffany, you get to choose one of two super spiffy prizes. Prize number one is a human sized "C&M Books and Coffee" mug from Cafe Press. I don't have one to show you, 'cause we just decided today to do them. But you can see a picture of it here. - Cafe Press - C and M Books and Coffee by clicking on the mug. You get it.

Miranda: OR, prize number two is....

Devika: Coming! I got it!

Miranda: Your second option is this lovely set of tiny doll sized Tolkien books. These are all brand new and not used. Promise. They come in this lovely basket, because I haven't ordered gift boxes, yet.

Devika: And you get this lovely tiny sized travel coffee! Yummy!

Miranda: Wow, move over Vanna White!

Devika: Oh, was I not in the frame?

Miranda: Thank you to everyone who "liked" our page, and if you haven't yet, please do. We'll do another one of these drawings once 50 people "like" us. And we'll have more spiffy stuff to give away by then.

Miranda: Though, next time we'll be doing this with a random number generator and not by drawing Vee. Cute as she is, this was a pain in the neck. Tiffany, I'll be sending you an email. Everyone else, thanks for joining us! Now go do something! It's a Saturday night, for crying out loud!


  1. Congrats Tiffany! Such great prizes girls. Have a great night :)

  2. Congratualtions!

  3. Tiffany9:52 AM

    I hate to be thick lol but is it me aka TackyTiffany? If so Yay!

  4. Congratulaltions Tiffany!!!!