Monday, September 17, 2012

Tracking Dogs - Trying to Find Lenore

Now that the show is over, and I have my spiffy camper so I can cover more ground more easily, I can start really searching for Lenore and Cybelle.  When I first mentioned that I was looking for them in the wilderness, but not having much luck, someone very clever suggested in the comments that I needed a tracking dog. I think that's brilliant!

I went straight to Norm's Dollhouse and asked Hank, the guy who also owns the shooting range, about hunting/tracking dogs. He said he could set me up with the best, and to take my pick!

But some just didn't seem all that interested in tracking.

Some just wanted to play and be petted.

And the one who seemed most determined to find things, was the one I thought I would need to get ANOTHER dog to find once it got lost in the grass.

*sigh* Well, back to the doggie drawing board.

- Miri


  1. How cute! Surely you will find the dog for the job. Hang in there, Miri!

  2. Love this sequence! Hang in there, Miri!

  3. They were all cute, but that Yorkie was just too small. So agree with you there. How about a greyhound? Not really a tracker, but they certainly lock onto a scent and don't give up 'till they've found it. The only problem is, they are huge! We have a few here. Must get pics of all the dogs that live here. Anyway, keep looking. There'll be one just right for you eventually.