Friday, September 07, 2012

New Coworker and the Miniatures Show

Okay, so last blog entry I finished it up before I could tell you about Aspen.

Turns out, there's a new doll working at Norm's Dollhouse, and her name is Aspen.  Wendy suggested I should get to know her, since we'll be coworkers from now on.

We went for shrimp cocktail at this fancy place Aspen likes. She eats fancier than I do and knows all the nice places around.

Seems like a nice enough pixie. She's bigger than me, but that's okay. She still fits in with the stuff at Norm's so that's cool. She's working to earn enough to buy a dollhouse of her own, which I think is a very noble goal.

We hit it off pretty much immediately, and I think we're going to work together really well.

She's got awesome taste in houses as well as places to eat. Her favorite is the Lace House, which is one of my favorites too.

Anyway, Aspen works as BJD Ambassador to the world of miniatures at Norm's. She just hangs out in the cases, looks beautiful and answers questions about BJDs. So if you go to Norm's you should definitely say "hi" to Aspen (and me, if I'm there).

We'll both be attending the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys Fall Show this Saturday and Sunday, too (Sept 8th & 9th)! So if you're there, stop by the Norm's booth and say "hi", and if you're a pixie and you come by and say "hello" (and let us take a picture with you) we'll have a present for you! :)

See you there!


(Edit: So between when I wrote this the other day, and now, I've worked a full day at the store with Aspen. Instead of making it another entry, I thought I'd just tack it on to this one so you really would be all caught up! I hope that's okay. More pictures!!! - Miri)

Okay... so then a few days went by and I found myself back at Norm's (even though there are a million things to do at C&M which is also now back on Facebook.)

Wendy and David built this amazing little shop for the raffle at the show this weekend.

It is seriously gorgeous, and I want it. A lot.

They put in a battery light, so you can change the light fixture to whatever you'd like, though I like this one.

The front window is big, and lets in a lot of light.

And there are plenty of shelves for whatever kind of shop you'd like.

And little living quarters upstairs! I won't enter the raffle (it wouldn't be fair for a Norm's employee to win the raffle for our own donation {I'm told}) but Wendy promised we'd build one of these for the Wylde Kingdom sometime soon. So that'll be cool.

I found Aspen working on getting the store Market Stall display set up.

I think the little veggie stand she set up looks awesome, and she's really cute behind it. Aspen's a pretty cool coworker. She's hard working and easy to work with. I think I lucked out.

Anyway, we got everything set up, and now the other coworkers just need to pack everything up and take it to the show (it won't all fit in my Jeep). I'm ready to go, and kind of looking forward to it! Hope to see you there! Here's all of the show info again - Denver Museum of Miniatures Dolls and Toys Fall Show!

- Miri


  1. That is an awesome house! I can see why you like it so much. Very nice of Wendy & David to donate it for a prize after doing all the work to build it.

    It's nice to make new friends. Aspen looks adorable and sounds like the perfect co-worker.

    Have a great time this weekend! My area never has fun stuff to do like that.


  2. Have a great time this weekend, Miranda! I wish I could go and meet you! xo Jennifer

  3. Aspen sounds so nice! I love her name and was actually about to give one of my dolls that name. Back to the drawing board I suppose :D The little shop looks awesome. I'm actually a little relieved you can't enter the raffle because I remember how heartbroken you were last year when you didn't win a raffle for another house. Hate to see a pixie cry! I'm glad that Wendy is going to make one for you though :D

  4. Aspen sounds pretty awesome, Miri. It's always good to make new friends. (Especially since um you seem to lose a few now and then. What would you do with that beautiful store that was auctioned?

  5. Hey Bama! It is a way cool house. Wendy's going to make one for me (well, for the Wylde Kingdom. I kind of have my hands full with C&M but I want to be able to see one of those out my bedroom window, you know?) but a little bit different. We'll see. I think it'll be awesome. And it got a LOT of raffle tickets, so hopefully it made some good money for the museum.

    Thanks, Jennifer! I wish you could've come too! It'd be so cool to meet you in person. Well, someday! :)

    Hey Guardian! Aspen is pretty cool. And there can be more than one Aspen out there. Goodness knows there's more than one Miranda (well, there's only one ME but there are other dolls named Miranda. You know what I mean.)

    Hi Ann! Aspen is a good kid, and she's turning out to be an awesome friend. She's still hanging around the Kingdom instead of having gone back to Norm's. Heck, maybe we'll just keep her. You never know. She's been a BIG help at C&M. Maybe I'll hire her away from Norm's. They can find another pixie. Yeah!

    And I dunno what I would've done with the shop. I like to think it would've told me what it was when I got it. Maybe while we're working on the one that's coming to live here we'll be able to figure it out. I just think it's pretty. :)

  6. Hay Miri, I've been so busy with Harry Potter London that I missed this. The Guardian iz still working on da bloggie. Anyway, I love that little shop. I could make that into something really wizardy, dontcha think?

    Aspen is a great minion, erm helper, yeah that's the word. I would love to come and lounge about there and make da Guardian work and buy heaps of stuff. LOL Too bad Ligaya, my dragon, refuses to fly that far or I'd be there in a frozen moment. LOL

    Looking forward to seeing your own shop someday.