Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Not Quite a Villa

Wow do I have a lot to tell you guys about. I just got back home (yes, it's a bit before 8 a.m., I'll explain). I'm on my 3rd coffee. Let's get typing.

I didn't get the Villa that I wanted. There were a lot of rather wealthy pixies that showed up at this auction and things went for INSANE prices. The Villa was purchased by a third party buyer, which shouldn't even be LEGAL, and went for a TON of money. Crazy. I stayed for the end of the auction anyway, and got something even MORE awesome. Check it out!

Tah-dah! Isn't it a beaut? I picked it up for a SONG at the end of the auction.

Maybe it's 'cause it needs some work, and maybe it's cause everyone left. I dunno, but either way, I'm really happy to have this awesome camper!

The inside isn't finished yet, but I have a bunch of ideas for it.

Some curtains, some cabinets, oh I've got plans!

And I have all Winter to fix it up for camping season next year, right? Right!

However, I was kind of excited to get it, so I slept out here last night.

Pretty cozy, which is awesome and that's going to help me find Lenore and Cybelle. Now I can camp out overnight instead of coming home each evening, and this should allow me to cover a LOT more ground!

And that's why I'm only getting home just now. I drove around looking for them all day yesterday and stayed out over night last night. I think this is going to work out really, really well! I can see signs of them, I think I'm getting closer! I might need some help, though.

Anyway, I had to come home today, because there's someone at Norm's I need to tell you about and Wendy said I need to be around to get ready for the miniatures show this Saturday and Sunday. And next blog entry I'll tell you about both! Promise!

For now, more coffee and off to work! The books at C&M aren't going to shelve themselves, ya know!

- Miri


  1. Wow, I LOVE your new camper! What fun it will be to fix up & decorate!

    And I am intrigued by your upcoming news.


  2. Sorry that you didn't get your villa but that camper looks like a fun project.

    It will be wonderful to have for future camping trips. I hope you fine Lenore soon!

  3. Wow great find. I think it will be a lot of fun doing this project.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Oh, that camper is awesome!! Sorry you didn't get the villa, but the camper is too cool. And useful! Can't wait to hear more about whoever you met at Norm's, she looks like a real cutie pie.

  5. LOVE the retro camper!!! This is going to be an awesome fun project, Miri! xo Jennifer

  6. I think that things worked out just right for you being the outdoorsy girl you are. Now you can hook up your camper and four wheeler and really enjoy the great outdoors. Wish I had one too, in a grown up size. Did they have any there like that? ;)

  7. Awesome camper, Miranda! I can't wait to see what you do with the inside!

  8. That's a grand thing you have there, Cuz! Which puts me in mind of a plan. It's time you come to visit me in Wisconsin, right? Hope you find Lenore and Cybelle soon. When did you lose them? Was I asleep or something? Enjoy your new wheels and think of that trip north, eh?