Friday, September 14, 2012

Six Years of Wandering

* We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog, reporting about the Miniatures Show, for this Miranda Wandering Historic Update. *

On this date, 6 years ago, I first began to really wander. That makes this my Wanderversary.

It's been a heck of a trip, let me tell you.

I've met amazing people and pixies.

I've been in some awesome places.

I've done awesome things.

I've seen things I wish I hadn't seen.

And I've seen things I wish I could see again.

Still wandering, after all these years. Who would've thought?

Thank you, all of you, for reading about my wanderings. Even after 6 years of my ramblings. It means a lot, just knowing you're out there. :)

May your wanderings always be full of wonder!

- Miri

* We now return you to your regularly scheduled Miranda Wandering blog.* 


  1. Happy Wanderversary! I haven't been a part of the blogging world as long as you, but from the moment I discovered your blog, I have been charmed & enchanted by it. You were greatly missed during your hiatus, and I know I'm not alone when I say that I was overjoyed to see you return.
    Here's to many more happy wanderings & blog posts!

  2. Amazing how fast the time goes! Also fitting that Fee and I have wandered here this weekend...we'll be at DDE tomorrow, and I hope to stop in at Norm's in the afternoon :)

    Happy Wanderversary, Miranda, and here's to the next 6!

  3. Hey Bama! Thank you. It's been a lot of fun, and I've been so lucky to get to meet awesome folks like you along the way. Blogs are so fun. I love getting to see inside other people's worlds. Thank you. :)

    Hey Clochette! Awesome. We'll be there tomorrow for sure (well, at Norm's. We don't work at DDE anymore, you know.) Really looking forward to seeing Fee again! I think I may even have a special Fee present! See you Saturday! And thank you. :) In some ways, this really is all your fault, so it is really awesome that you're going to be here tomorrow. Very cool.

  4. Congratulations on your Wandaversary. I have only just found out about you and this wonderful blog where you share your thought. I look forward to more years reading it.

  5. happy wanderversary! May you have many more adventures, my friend. you know we've known each other since the tree house? what a journey xoxo

  6. I'm so glad that you continue blogging and sharing with all of us! Happy Wandaversary! I follow (too) many blogs, but yours is on my "must read" list!

  7. Happy Wanderversary, Miri! Long may you wander.
    Ann and Trilby

  8. Happy Wanderversary Miri! I am so happy to be your friend.
    Love, Cordie

  9. Happy Wanderversary Miri!!!
    That is so cute :D Thank you for sharing your adventures with us, because even if some of us are still, our hearts wander with you <3

  10. Is it really 6 years? 6 very creative and wonderfully inspiring years. Happy Wandaversary, Miri. You were da Guardian'z inspiration along with Fee. So wish we could have come to vizit, but we can meet here and that's just brilliant. So glad you're back.
    Hugziz, NyXy and Valli xx