Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Miniatures Show - Day 2

Some pictures from day 2 at the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys Fall Show.

Things were really busy at the booth, so Aspen and I didn't get to wander. AGAIN. But some friends of ours wandered into the show!

My buddies Emma (in the cat ears) and Elphie (snuggling the pumpkin).

I think there was a lot to see, because by the time they came wandering back after seeing everything, Elphie looked a little wiped out.

But they got me a birthday present! A goldfish I named "Splashy" (I dunno, I like it. It just came to mind. What can I say?) It's kind of relaxing watching him swim around, actually.

Thank you so much, Elphie and Emma! I love Splashy and it made the whole day to get to see you at the show!

- Miri


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderfully busy time!

  2. Hi Lou Who! We really did! But it was pretty great! So. Much. STUFF! Awesome stuff!! Things are kind of getting back to normal at Norm's and around the Wylde Kingdom now. Sort of. Well... as normal as they ever are. :)

  3. Fun day, with friends and all! Splashy is adorable--kind of like a little friend! :-) xo Jennifer

  4. Splashy iz a great name for a fishy. You have nice friendziz, Miri. Looks like a buzy buzzy day for everyone.