Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Beltane, Miss Vee.

(Lon humming)

Devika: *sigh*

Lon: Okay, Miss Vee. I got that kitchen sink all fixed up. I'd like to suggest fewer potato peels in the garbage disposal's future diet, though.

Devika: Thank you, Lon. *sigh*

Lon: This weather got you down, Miss Vee?

Devika: Well, sort of. It is weird weather for May First, don't you think?

Lon: Final parting trick by the Dark Court before they head South, maybe?

Devika: Maybe. The whole MONTH feels like it's been a trick of the Unseelie, Lon. Everything's been weird, and all messed up.

Lon: Aww, Miss Vee. What makes you say that?

Devika: Well, someone I care about got his house burned down in a prairie fire. And he had to have surgery too!

Lon: Is he okay?

Devika: Yeah, I think so. I hope he'll be all right. Thank you for asking.

Lon: Sure thing. What else? Everything else seemed to be going pretty well, I thought.

Devika: I dunno... I don't know if I'm really ready to take on the responsibility of refugees, Lon. I've been talking to Tegen and she knows a lot about them, and well... I just dunno. I'm worried. Wendy's been so busy, I hardly see her. There are rumors going around that she's getting rid of us all and focusing on something else.

Devika: Miranda STILL won't talk about what's going on with Ariel and her family, and she hasn't wanted to come out and visit much. She just seems so sad. And I can't seem to help her. I just dunno, Lon.

Lon: I wouldn't worry too much about Miranda, Miss Vee. She's got good friends around her, and she's very strong. She'll be all right. You can't push things like that. She'll talk about it in her own time, I think.

Lon: I don't think Wendy is getting rid of anyone. She's not the type. And as far as the refugees go, you're going to do GREAT! All the attention you put into this house, making everything just right for them, it all shows how much you care. You'll take good care of them and help them a lot, Miss Vee. I know it.

Lon: Just the fact that you ARE worried shows that you care a lot and that means you're going to do great. And you've got people around you who care a lot about YOU, and we'll all help. You're not going into this alone.

Devika: Yeah, I guess you're right, Lon. Tegen said she'd help, and I guess they speak a dialect of Pixish that Andi and Saoirse can speak a little of, so they said they'd come help out too.
Devika: Edgar is going to be okay, and it sounds like his surgery went well. I shouldn't fret. So, maybe you're right. I do this.

Lon: You sure can, Miss Vee, and you don't have to all on your own. We're all here to help you out, okay?

Devika: (blush) Thanks, Lon. Happy Beltane.

Lon: Happy Beltane, Miss Vee.