Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Baby Baby

Emi: (humming quietly)

Thorne: Well, hello there. It took me a bit to find you. How is she doing?

Emi: She's good. Playful and happy little thing. The Healers and the Wizards all gave her a clean bill of health, physically and magickally.

Emi: Sorry we were hard to find. I thought we should hide out in one of the lesser used rooms, you know... just in case she had something contagious or weird magick or something.

Thorne: The parlor was a wise choice, just in case. (smile) Fortunately, unnecessary, though it seems to have given you a quiet place to play.

Thorne: So, how are YOU doing? I wouldn't have imposed on you to take care of her, but Solstice already has her hands full with those other girls.

Emi: Oh, I'm doing fine! She's a very good baby, very sweet and pretty quiet. I don't want one, but if I had to have one, I hope it'd be all cute and nice like this little one.

Thorne: Hello there, baby girl. My name is Thorne.

Emi: Oh, are we being a shy baby, then? Awww... who's a shy baby? Hmmm?

Thorne: Ah yes, my charm works on women of all ages I'm afraid. (smile)

Thorne: So, any word on the pendant she was found with?

Emi: Nope, Theia hasn't been in here yet, but maybe she couldn't find us either. Though, you'd think an oracle would know... (laugh)

Thorne: (laughing)

Emi: Oh no, baby Dita... you can't have my camera. No you can't.... you come here you.

Emi: (singing) Who's my little whosit, who's my turtle dove, Deee-tah... that's who.

Baby: *giggles*

Thorne: Dita?

Emi: Sorry... I had to call her something. It's a Shakespeare thing... I just think it's pretty, since we don't know her real name or where she came from or anything.

Theia: Well, since Perdita means "lost" it does kind of suit her. I think it's a fine name.

Emi: Hey, Theia! Thanks. So can you tell us all about her?

Theia: No... but I can tell you a few things about the person who made this pendant for her.

Theia: Whoever they were, they didn't want it traced back to them. It went dormant the second she was found, and blank. Like it was never owned by anyone at all. That's pretty tough to do with an enchantement as strong as the one on this thing was.

Emi: What was it enchanted to do?

Theia: Exactly what it did - protect her until someone who could help her found her. And it was a strong enchantement. Baby Dita has a serious spell weaver in her family, whoever they are, this couldn't have been done by someone not directly related to her.

Thorne: So there's no way to tell where she came from, or who left her, or why?

Theia: I'm sad to say no, whoever it was who left her went to a lot of work to keep us from knowing just that. But they've left her an heirloom of sorts. The pendant is hers, dormant as it is it's all she has of her history. Poor thing.

Theia: Here, Emi.

Emi: Thanks. Look, Dita.... this is for you

Emi: It's pretty... is it a sunstone?

Theia: That would be my guess, yes. Pricey piece of jewelry, but it probably took a stone of that caliber to hold the spell. They weren't taking any chances, whoever they were.

Thorne: Theia, thank you for your help with this. And now, one more question... but not necessarily one you need to wear your Oracle cap for.

Theia: Okay.

Thorne: Off the top of your head, can you think of any couples in the Treehouse perhaps looking to adopt a baby like Dita?

Theia: Ah yes.... yes indeed. Though, you're thinking Seph and Marius, and I'm thinking Circe and Rowan. Ultimately all the same family, but still...

Thorne: Well, right as always, Theia. I'm happy to consider Circe and Rowan as well on your advisement. Shall we go discuss possibilities with them?

Theia: Yeah! Oh, Circe will just flip. She's going to be so excited. Bye Emi! Bye baby Dita!

Thorne: Farewell.

Emi: Bye you guys...

Emi: It's pretty, hu Dita? All warm and orange, like the sun. Someone loved you very much to leave you this, baby girl... and I love you a bunch, and I think Thorne and Theia are about to find you some more people who are going to love you too. So you're found, and safe and loved just like the baby in the play! Isn't that wonderful?

Dita: *giggle*