Monday, May 05, 2008

About Clara's Coffee Shoppe

Miranda: It's sure a heap of books, Vee.

Devika: I KNOW! Isn't it great! The book drive for the refugees went better than I could've EVER imagined!

Miranda: Uh, do they even LIKE to read?

Devika: Of course! Who doesn't like to read?

Miranda: Vee, well...

(knock on door)

Devika: Oh! It's Ariel.

Miranda: And it was such a nice day.

Devika: You're still not speaking to her, then?

Miranda: I have nothing to say to her. And if she asks, I'm not here.

Devika: Oh, Miri.

(knocking at door again)

Devika: Hang on, Ariel! I'm coming!

Devika: Hi, Miss Ariel! What can I do for you?

Ariel: Why hello Vee, tell me, is that Clara around?

Devika: Yep, she's upstairs vacuuming.

Ariel: Excellent... I have a little proposition for her...

Devika: (in next room) Come on in, just straight up those stairs...

Miranda: (to self) A proposition? That can't be good. And Clara is such a sweetie. Oh man, Miri... Do not get involved... Do not get involved...

Miranda: (to self) Do not get involved... do not.... oh... someone donated a copy of Robin Hood... I love this book.

Miranda: What a great story... brave hearted warrior helping the poor and downtrodden saving them from the devious plans of the wicked wealthy royalty.... aww man *sigh* I'm getting involved...

(vacuum noises)

Ariel: Oh Claaaara.

Clara: (turning off vacuum) Oh, hi Ariel! How are you?

Ariel: Just lovely, sugar. Aren't YOU working hard?

Clara: Well it's a big house and all...

Ariel: Yes, yes, it's really coming together... let's you and me have a little sitdown chat a minute, shall we, sugarpie?

Devika: Hu, what do you make of that? "A Proposition?"

Miranda: It's Ariel. No matter what it is, it can't be good...

Ariel: So I hear you're having that nice C. Pender build you a coffee shop, sweetie. Is that true?

Clara: Oh yes! He's doing a great job too! I am so excited.

Ariel: I've also heard you're having some funding problems, darlin'. Not making enough cleaning houses, hu?

Clara: Well, it's tough, but I'm putting the money together. I clean Devika's house, and Mr. Misha's house, and also that big Seaview owned by those nice sisters too. So it'll be okay. It'll just take time, and hard work...

Ariel: But wouldn't it be easier if you didn't have to worry about it? I own most of the businesses in the Treehouse, sweetie. What if _I_ paid Mr. Pender to build the coffee shop, I owned it, and you could run it for me! It would be just LIKE yours... only without all that working your fingers to the bone part.

Clara: Thank you for your very kind offer, Ariel. But see... if I let you do that, it wouldn't be MINE, it would just be another place I worked for. And I want to own my very own business, be my own boss.

Ariel: But your brother, Lon, works for me. He can tell you it isn't so bad. I'm a great boss, if I do say so myself, dumplin'. Pay's good and....

Clara: It isn't about bad bosses. I'm sure you're a lovely boss, it's just, it's what I've always dreamed of, and what I've always wanted. So thank you for the offer, Ariel, but no thank you.

Ariel: *sigh* Very well then, sugar. If that's your decision, that's your decision.

Ariel: Don't say I didn't try to help you, though. It can be awfully tough getting together the money for your own business, all on your own.

Ariel: Especially when you don't have anyone to clean for.

Clara: What? What do you mean?

Ariel: (grabbing vacuum) I mean that Devika can do her own vacuuming from now on. Misha lives in MY rental house, and he doesn't need a cleaning lady.

Clara: But! You can't do this!!!

Ariel: And those nice sisters who own the Seaview are some of my closest friends... if I tell them they no longer need your services, well...

Clara: But.... I....

Ariel: It's for your own good, sugar. Not everyone is cut out to be a business owner. You just let me know when you're ready to reconsider my offer, okay? Bye now, darlin'!

Ariel: Devika, you are going to have to do your own housecleaning from now on, dumplin'. I have informed that Clara that we will no longer be needing her services.

Devila: But ...

Ariel: No "buts" sweetie. Bye bye, now! (leaves)

Devika: Hu. Well what do you make of that? We no longer need Clara's services? I wonder what on earth happened?

Ariel: Clara must not have liked her "proposition."

Both: CLARA!

Clara: (sobbing hysterically)

Devika: Oh! Oh Clara!!

Clara: Oh Vee! She's destroyed it! She's destroyed it all! No one will hire me to clean for them anymore because of Ariel! And it's because SHE wants to own the coffee shop! OH! My dream of having my own business is OVER! Over before I even got a chance to start! *sobbing again*

Devika: Oh Clara, that's horrid! It'll be okay...

Miranda: Hmmm.... your dream might not be as over as you think, Clara... Vee is right... it'll be all right. You've got Robin Hood on your side.

Clara and Devika: What?

Miranda: Yeah... hmmmm.