Sunday, May 04, 2008



Shawnee: Hold up there.... whoa....

Shawnee: Okay, it's starting to get dark. Let's go in and get dinner. Fishsticks tonight! Yum!

Quinn: Okay. Sounds good. Lemme round up Arrow and we can head in.

Quinn: Arrow?

Arrow: Woof? WOOF! WOOOF!

Quinn: What is it, Arrow? You got the scent of something boy?

Arrow: WOOF!

Quinn: Shawnee! Look at him! He's on the trail of something for sure! He's a great tracking dog!

Shawnee: Oh, like last time, when he was on the trail of Mr. Thorne's socks?

Quinn: (ignorning Shawnee) I'm coming, Arrow! Heya!

Shawnee: But he's headed for the edge of the property! We can't go..... QUINN!!!

Shawnee: Stupid boy. Getting us into trouble. Well, we'd better follow him, hu girl?

Quinn: Hup! Yeah! Hang on, Arrow! I'm right behind you!

Arrow: WOOF! WOOF!!!

Arrow: *whimper*

Quinn: What is it boy? You okay?

Arrow: *whine... whine*

Quinn: What did you find, boy?

Quinn: Oh my.... Why would anyone.... but....

Quinn: SHAWNEE!!!! Shawnee! You'd better see this!!!

Shawnee: Particularly interesting sweat socks this time?

Quinn: Just shut up and look, okay? This is serious. Good boy, Arrow. Good boy!

Shawnee: What the.... I wonder how long it's been here.

Quinn: I dunno... I can't believe anyone would leave it just laying here... we gotta... what are we going to do, Shawnee?

Shawnee: We're going to take it inside and... and Mr. Thorne will know what to do.

Shawnee: And maybe he'll know why someone would just up and leave a baby fairy here...