Sunday, May 18, 2008

News for Clara

(Miranda's House... Early Evening...)

Clara: Miri, I still don't see why I can't just wear my old dress. I LIKE my old dress.

Miri: You're not a cleaning lady anymore, so you shouldn't be dressing like one.

Clara: Yeah... *sigh* Your sister put an end to that.

Miranda: Oh, she'll get hers. Just wait until Misha gets here. I think he's going to have some news for you.

Clara: Did he really just up and move out of her rental house? Just like that?

Miranda: Yep. Misha doesn't like to be told what to do, and when she said he couldn't have you cleaning the house anymore, that was that. Anyway, show me the new and improved Clara!

Clara: Okay...

Miranda: WOW! Clara you look GREAT! Like a little rodent entrepreneur!!

Clara: *sigh* Well, I don't know about that. I had to go today and tell that nice Mr. Pender that I didn't have any more money for the coffee shop and...

Miranda: Well THAT was a silly thing to do. Didn't I tell you to trust me?

Clara: Yeah, but I...

(knocking on door)

Miranda: Well, that'll be Misha with news for you, Ms. Business Owning Rodent. (Louder) Come in!

Misha: Good evening ladies! Clara, I have the most FABULOUS news!!!


Ariel: AN INVESTOR?!?!?!?

Freya: Yes Ma'am. We were doing the routine surveilance on Clara, as you asked, and it came across the crystal ball just a minute ago. Misha seems to have found someone to invest in Clara's coffee shop.

Ariel: Oh... darn that fox... break my lease and then this? This will not do....

Ariel: Oh no... this will not do at ALL.

Ariel: Freya, would you be a dear and bring me my cell phone, darlin'.

Freya: Yes, ma'am. Of course.

Ariel: Seems I need to make a couple of phone calls.....