Friday, June 20, 2008

Emi and What's Important

Wendy: Hey, Emi. How's things?

Emi: Good! Just getting set up for the "photo session".

Wendy: Awesome. I really appreciate you doing this for me. Got everything you need?

Emi: Lessee... camera, music on the stereo, enough Rement to start my own store... *laugh* yeah, I think I'm good.

Wendy: Okay, well, if there's anything I can do to help, or if you need... Hey, where's Dita?

Emi: I put her to bed a couple hours ago, and Rabbit is looking in on her for me. She's a pretty sound sleeper, she won't even notice I'm gone.

Wendy: Oh, okay. So uh... the light in here seems strange. Do you need me to bring you any different lighting, or maybe a reflector or...

Emi: It's fine, Wendy. How about you tell me what's REALLY on your mind? What's up?

Wendy: Um... you're not quitting are you? Leaving? I'm not a very good boss and I couldn't blame you if...

Emi: *sigh* No, I am not leaving. You are a WONDERFUL boss, you're just freaking out because things are strange for you right now. But no, I'm not leaving. And you worry too much.

Wendy: Yeah, maybe. It's just, I dunno. Things with Gage are all messed up. My relationship is trashed. My other relationship isn't even a relationship and I dunno, Emi. I just don't know anything.

Emi: Things ARE messed up right now. It's true. But that's no reason to get all weird and insecure on me. Things are GREAT. It's like when a snake sheds it's skin. It's pretty rough on the snake for a while, it itches and it's uncomfortable making a change like that. But in the end, it's wonderful because it's a process that lets them grow into a beautiful new creature.

Wendy: Wow, Emi. That's really deep.

Emi: Yeah, I've probably been spending too much time around Thorne. *smile* Anyway, you worry too much. You need to focus on the things that are important and quit letting the nonsense get to you.

Wendy: Important things?

Emi: Yeah, like family, like friends, like getting out of the house. When was the last time you went to that Writers' Group? Hmm?

Wendy: Uh, it's been a while. But there's one tomorrow morning.

Emi: Good, then you should go to bed so you're up bright and early to go to the Writers' Group. I'll put it in your schedule as soon as I'm done with this. Good night.

Wendy: But I'm not tired. And wait, did you just dismiss me?

Emi: Pretty much. Go to sleep. Tomorrow, go spend some time with friends, out of this house. Go. Shoo.

Wendy: But the Rement photos, I promised...

Emi: They'll be up before you get up tomorrow morning. I might even do a blog entry, finally! Now shoo! I've got pictures to take, and it's late. Quit worrying and have sweet dreams, okay?

Wendy: Okay. Night night, Emi. Thanks.

Emi: (quietly, to self) Hmm, should've made her put the trees together before I let her leave. Ah well.

Rement Photos - Photoshoot #1 (Animal Stories Set - Available at Denver Doll Emporium)