Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sienna's Big Night

Syrinx: (typing)

Sienna: (pace, pace, pace)

Syrinx: Sienna, I swear that if you do not stop pacing, I will put tape on your tail.

Sienna: You wouldn't!

Syrinx: Try me. You are making me crazy, and it would certainly give you something else to focus on for a while.

Sienna: I'm sorry, Syri. I'm just so.... well, you know I don't date much... and he sounded so dreamy in his e-mails. My "White Knight" (dreamy sigh). I'm just nervous, and ... well.

Syrinx: I know, I know. And even though I don't think internet dating is a good idea, I hope your "white knight" shows up soon and IS "dreamy". But why not go pace in your ROOM. Wouldn't it be better to have to be called when he arrives? Instead of pacing around like some deranged zoo animal?

Sienna: Well...

Syrinx: I will come and get you the second he arrives, and that way you won't have to explain to your date why there is tape on your tail.

Sienna: Oh, fine. (tail swish as she leaves)

Syrinx: Finally (typing)

Syrinx: HEY! My tape dispenser! (laughing) Bad cat!!!!