Sunday, August 19, 2007


Lenore: I still think you should've woken me up. And I am so cross at that Spot for not letting me know you'd arrived....

Marius: I didn't wake you, Wren, because you were sleeping so peacefully. And you really shouldn't be mad at Spot.

Marius: Spot actually did a really GOOD thing. We came in from the North, and Spot must've heard us, because he came and got us, and showed us that you were sleeping at the SOUTH entrance.

Lenore: Why did you come from the North?

Marius: You could say we were taking a shortcut.

Lenore: You were LOST! (laughing)

Marius: (laugh) Or you could say that.

Lenore: Well, here's the entrance to the stone circle.

Marius: Thanks, Lenore. It's important to me to see it. Uh... but really? This is it, hu?

Lenore: Oh, I know it doesn't look like much. Mr. Thorne said that the pixies try to keep it that way, so that those who aren't supposed to find it, won't.

Marius: Well, then they've done a wonderful job. Would you mind leading the way for me?

Lenore: Not at all.

Lenore: There are all kinds of animals and insects that live around the circle. Including the centaurs! You'll have to see them, Hawk. They're really beautiful.

Marius: I'm sure they are. I can't say that I've ever seen a centaur. It is an interesting place you live in, Lenore.

Lenore: From here, you can see the "Key" stone of Snuffleshenge. It is the largest, and the wizards say, the most important of all the stones.

Marius: It's really beautiful, Lenore. It all looked very different the last time I saw it, in the snow.

Lenore: I'll bet. For me too. I think if I hadn't been following Spot, I never would've found the circle OR you.

Lenore: Come on in and I'll show you where I found you.

Marius: Wow... the wizards are right about this place. You can feel it... in the stones.

Marius: Lenore, did I ever thank you and Spot for finding me?

Lenore: Um... I'm sure you did. You're welcome. (smile)

Marius: (deep breath) It is with a heart full of gratitude and humility that I enter this sacred place, bringing my thanks to the Gods of this place.

Lenore:Uh... Hawk? What are you doing?

Marius: Circe told me that there are specific ways of doing this kind of thing. You see, I asked for help from the spirits of these stones that night, freezing in the snow. And they brought someone who could save me. YOU! They answered, and they helped me by sending you and Spot!

Marius: So I brought them a gift to say "thank you".

Lenore: It's beautiful.

Marius: It's one of my favorite scrying crystals. And (clearing throat) I leave this gift as a token of my gratitude and honor for the Guardians of this place, who once heard a small voice, pleading for help, in the snow, and brought not only rescue, but a new life, a new path, and a way to shake off the shackles of the life of the Carin.

Lenore: Wow, Hawk. That sounded great.

Marius: (laugh) Well good. I hope they think so too.

Lenore: Do you think they'll come get it and take it away?

Marius: (shrug) Dunno... I imagine they'll let whoever needs to find it, find it. I don't really know how this kind of stuff works. We could ask Circe, she knows all about this stuff. Have you met her yet? And... I have a question for you too... while we're walking back.

Lenore: Oh yeah?

Marius: Yeah... how would you feel about me asking your Aunt Persephone to marry me?

Lenore: (squeal)!!!

(wind blows through the stones.... rustling of grasses in the breeze... and then the rustling of slow, careful footsteps through the grass...)