Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Good News Travels Fast...

Rabbit: You're kidding? For a human man?

Nessa: Yep. That's what Emi said. Faked her own death to get away. But I think there are lots of times when Princesses feel like they need to go their own way.

Rabbit: How awful. But what a horrid, thoughtless thing for that Princess to do! She let her family think she was dead. That's awful!

Nessa: Yeah... hard on her family I suppose. But harder on the Princess now that they know she's NOT dead.

Lenore: Hi Ama, Hello Miss Rabbit. Who's not dead?

Nessa: The Princess. You know, that Princess your favorite fae, that Detective St. Cloud was investigating. Turns out she's not dead at all.

Lenore: Really? So... does that mean he'll be leaving soon?

Nessa: That's what Emi said. There's no reason for them to stay now.

Lenore: Good... that's good news.

Lenore: (quietly) And I have a Hawk that I need to tell. Maybe he'll come visit!

Lenore: Come on, Maggie. We've got an errand to do!

Nessa: Oh really? Your errand had better look a LOT like cleaning your room. You two have left it a complete disaster down there. Where have you two been, anyway?

Lenore: Oh, we were waiting for the Wizard of Fire to get back.

Nessa: Back from where?

Lenore: Dunno. But all the other Wizards and that soldier man are all waiting for him to come back. Something about hearing what he's found. (shrug)

Nessa: Well, I'm sure if he found anything interesting, you'll hear about it. For now, go clean your room! Both of you!

Lenore: Fine... (quietly) my errand will wait... instead of a letter, I'll send him an e-mail! That'll be faster. I bet Emi would let me use her computer.... hmmm. Okay. Come on Maggie.
Nessa: Those two girls... (smiling)

Rabbit: I hadn't realized you had two, Nessa. For some reason I thought you only had the one.

Nessa: I guess Maggie has come to live here, and I guess that does make her mine. They're like sisters, those two. You see, Maggie is the fosterling of two of the Wizards, but they don't really seem to know much about child rearing... not to say that I do! (laugh) Anyway, she and Lenore go to school together and I guess...