Thursday, August 02, 2007

Donnie Darko and News of the Fae

Wendy: (deep breath, falls into chair at desk) Wow.

Emi: Oh, hey. Movie's over?

Wendy: Yeah... holy cats, Emi.

Emi: Did Trygve like it?

Wendy: Yeah, I think so. What an awesome film.

Emi: Well, I thought you might like it. Donnie Darko is one of my all time favorite movies.

Wendy: Oh, I can see why. (turning on desk light) So.... the rabbit was...

Emi: Ah, stop right there.

Wendy: What?

Emi: Just sit with it tonight, and we'll talk about it tomorrow.

Wendy: Aww, man.

Emi: Trust me. And I can just about guarantee you that you're going to have really weird dreams. Especially since it's YOU we're talking about.

Wendy: HEY! Uh... so what should we talk about instead? What's news? Anything I should know?

Emi: You don't read the Fae news online at all do you?

Wendy: Uh, no. I'm not very good at reading Pixish.

Emi: Well, we'll have to work on that. Anyway, the big news tonight is... you know that Fae princess that got killed, the one that Detective St. Cloud and Agent Blackpool are here investigating?

Wendy: Oh, yeah. What about her?

Emi: She's not dead!

Wendy: What?

Emi: Yep, turns out she faked her death. Someone really DID break in and steal something, and she decided that that was her opportunity, so a week later she faked her death and ran off to marry this human guy. It's the scandal of the fae community, let me tell you. And the EXTRA good news is...

Emi: ... since there WAS no murder, there's no investigation so we should be rid of St. Cloud and Blackpool! Probably tomorrow.

Wendy: Awww, I'll kind of miss them. They weren't THAT bad.

Emi: Yeah... if harassing little Lenore, and just being general pains in the butt isn't "that bad". Good riddance, I say.

Wendy: Emi! That's just awful.

Emi: Kind of forgetting these are the people who nearly shot Ullrich, aren't we?

Wendy: Well, no... but that was a misunderstanding, and I hadn't thought you the type to hold a grudge.

Emi: I'm not. But it'll be better for everyone once they're gone.

Wendy: Oh really, and why is that? I'll kind of miss seeing that St. Cloud around, he seems nice enough.

Emi: (snicker) It's the hair, isn't it? (snicker) You have a "thing" for tall, long haired fae.

Wendy: Oh! I do NOT.

Emi: Well, that being the case, it's EXTRA good that they'll be leaving.

Wendy: Why?

Emi: Well, because now he won't have to fake his own death to take up with a human woman. (snort... snicker) Ahem... I'm sorry (snicker)...

Wendy: Oh, Emi! (laughing) I think Trygve would have something to say about that anyway.

Emi: Well, yes...sorry. (smiling) Anyway, I'll be happy to have them gone. They've really caused nothing but trouble. And I guess I'm glad the princess isn't dead, though she probably wishes she was. The fae Royal Court are NOT going to look favorably on a Princess in love with a human.

Wendy: How sad.... almost as sad as the movie... so, Frank was...

Emi: ... not something we're discussing tonight. I told you, sleep on it and we'll talk tomorrow. Just trust me.

Wendy: Aww, fine.