Thursday, August 23, 2007

Movie Night With Hana

Hana: ... well, it's certainly quieter without Salem around. I miss her.

April: How long is she away for?

Hana: Until she pays off the car, I guess. I tried to tell Syri that she's just a kid and she just screwed up, you know. I think if she'd wrecked any car BUT the Ferrari... ah well.

April: Where'd she get sent off to? Reform school or something?

Hana: No, nothing like that. Syri sent her off to this horse ranch, where she's going to work to pay off the car. It sounded pretty nice.

April: Wow, that doesn't sound so bad. Country living and all that.

Hana: Yeah.

Opal: Hey you guys, sorry I'm late.

Hana: Woah, good evening your Highness!

April: Little formal for movie night, arencha?

Opal: I came straight from work. I figured I'd change here. Work STUNK. Oh... I hate human kids.

April: Aww, you still doing that "tooth fairy" act at the dentist office?

Opal: I was, but I quit. One of the kids broke my wings, and another one... while his mom wasn't looking, smacked his baby sister in the back of the head to see if he could get a tooth out of her! I finally had enough.

Hana: Well, that decides our movie for tonight, then.

Opal and April: Yeah?

Hana: Yeah. "The Professional". You'll like it.

Opal: Okay, I'll go change and then I'll be right back.

April: That is one grumpy "tooth fairy".

Hana: Well, she'll be okay. No one can resist the sweetness that IS Leo, the cutest hitman of all time.

April: So are we doing anything next week?

Hana: Um... nothing special, why?

April: Well, it's Labor Day weekend so I was wondering...

Opal: Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Labor Day!

Hana: Uh, okay.

Opal: Jackson said he's stuck going camping with his crazy sister and her kids and he wanted to know if we'd like to come along.

Hana: Wow "stuck with his crazy sister and her kids" sounds like so much fun.

Opal: Nah, he said they're not that bad. You just have to get used to them.

Hana: I dunno, Opal. It's Labor Day weekend. Last camping weekend of the year pretty much. The parks are going to be packed.

Opal: Jackson said his family's got some private land somewhere, so it'll just be us on a huge piece of property. Just us and nature!

Hana: And Jackson's "crazy sister and her kids".

Opal: Well, yeah.

April: I think it sounds fun.

Hana: Well... okay. I haven't been camping in ages. It'll be fun. Ready for the movie?

Opal and April: Ready!

Opal: So why "The Professional", Hana?

Hana: Hot hitman. Need I say more?

Opal: Nope. (smile)