Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Guests: Sooner Than Later

Lenore: Want it? Want it?

Lenore: You doggies... want the ball? You want it?


Lenore: Go get it!

(dogs barking wildly)

Wendy: Hey, Lenore.

Lenore: Oh, hello Miss Wendy. How are you?

Wendy: I'm good. Aren't those Gage's dogs?

Lenore: Yeah, Mr. Gage pays us $1.00, human money, each week to play with his dogs for an hour each day. We normally play with them outside, but it's raining.

Wendy: Well Spot must like that.

Lenore: Unfortunately, Spot seems to share Maggie's opinions of little Voltaire and Tsume: They're both afraid of them.

Maggie: (whisper) Psssst, Lenore. Don't forget to ask her.

Lenore: (whispering back) I KNOW Maggie...

Maggie: (whispering) You said not to let you forget...

Wendy: Not to forget to ask me what?

Lenore: Um... well, you remember last Winter... that boy Spot found in the snow?

Wendy: Yeah, I remember. Marius. And I remember thinking that normal little girls bring home stray puppies, not stray fae. (smile)

Lenore: Yes, yes, well. Um... now that the Princess isn't dead, and the police aren't investigating anything, and are leaving and all... um... I thought maybe he could come visit the Treehouse again.

Wendy: I don't see why not, if he wants to.

Lenore: Good! Um... I think he'd want to, and uh... I think he'd want to bring his new family with him.

Wendy: Well, I guess we could invite him, and his friends. Do you know how to get in touch with him? Shall we send him an e-mail?

(dogs growling and play fighting)

Lenore: Um... yeah... well I... alreadycalledhimonyourcellphonetheothernight and... Tsume! That is no way to treat your mother! Hey!

Wendy: You WHAT?!

Lenore: Tsume, you say you're sorry to Voltaire. There's a good puppy. Oh, um... I called him and invited him.

Lenore: Well, if he didn't want to come out, I didn't want to bother you with asking, and I figured you would say it was okay, so I just invited him while I was talking to him.

Wendy: Oh, really now?

Lenore: But... well, I guess I could call him and tell him it ISN'T okay... if you wanted me to.

Wendy: No, no... it's okay. So, when did you invite them to come out? Sometime next month, or for Christmas or when?

Lenore: Friday.

Wendy: WHAT?! THIS Friday?

Lenore: Well, I figured that Detective would be gone by then and so why wait? I told them that they could stay in the room where Marius was the last time, and he said that would be great.

Wendy: (laughing) Well all right then. I'll go put some blankets on that couch for them and see about getting the room set up for company again. Thanks for "asking" me, Lenore. I'm glad you didn't forget.

Lenore: Me too. (smile)