Saturday, August 18, 2007


Lenore: (stirring)

Lenore: What the? I'm... in bed. But I was waiting on the porch and... Spot, what happened?

Maggie: Um... I know you were asking Spot, but I can tell you what happened. You musta fell asleep, because I was in here all asleep and then this guy carried you in and tucked you in and went away.

Lenore: MARIUS!

Maggie: Musta been, I guess. I pretended to be asleep, but I peeked at him and he was really cute and said "Sleep well, Little Wren." Is Marius cute?

Lenore: Very.

Maggie: Musta been him, then. They must be here somewhere.

Lenore: We'll find them, but you should get dressed first... and I should change. Oh! They're here and I missed it! You are a very, very BAD Spot, Spot!

Spot: (snort)