Sunday, July 01, 2012

Vacation Day - Jeep Trip! Part 1

I've been working very hard on getting my new book store ready to open. I knew I could use some time off, especially before the customers (hopefully) start pouring in.

And that means: Vacation Day!

And there is no better way to spend a vacation day than in a Jeep in the mountains! So off I went, headed to Webster Pass and the Continental Divide!

This is one of my favorite Jeep trails. It has EVERYTHING!

It's got plenty of dirt trails, with lots of boulders.

And it's got water! Lots of possibilities for river crossings.

To be honest, I'm a little afraid of the water. I'm not a swimmer or anything. So I am not as brave about boats and things as my friend in New Mexico, Hitty Jubilee.  She is VERY brave and went on a boat and everything (you can read about her adventure here - Boating Trip to Tingley Beach). Anyway...

... I may not be willing to get in a boat and go out on open water. But give me a river and my trusty Jeep and I'll cross it!!

This looks a little rough right here, though. I think maybe I'll cross a little further up.

But as much fun as playing in the water is, it isn't the goal.

The goal is the summit. And I'll tell you about THAT next time.

(Edit: Part two of my Jeep adventure can be found here - Vacation Day - Jeep Trip! Part 2)
- Miri


  1. Very cool adventure! Hitty Jubilee loves your jeep and your off roading spirit!

  2. Hey, Tracy! Thanks! I'll never be as brave about water as Hitty Jubilee is, but I'm glad she likes my jeep and off roading! It's a lot of fun. I kind of wish I was up there today, actually. :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Girl, pushing the shopping cart home from Norm's Dollhouse will be nothing compared to scaling that mountain :D You can do it!

  4. Thanks, Audra! I love it up in the mountains, and I'm so lucky to get to live in a place where I can play in them.

    Anna, you're right! I'll post part two uh... whenever I'm done sorting the pictures. Maybe tomorrow? Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Hi Miranda! I love seeing you in your Jeep! It's just like old times, and it feels awesome. Thanks for visiting my blog--it's great hearing from you over there too! xo Jennifer

  6. Looks like an absolutely beautiful place to vacation! :D

  7. Awesome! What a wonderful place to sport around in a jeep!
    The last photo is pretty amazing too. I enjoyed this very much. :o)

  8. What a wonderful adventure! I think I need to take a vacation with you sometime.
    I just love the view of the mountains...I must convince my keeper to take me one day.
    By the way, your Jeep is awesome!


  9. Wow Miri! You get to go to all the best places. I have a car and a scooter, but I never get to go off road like that.
    Love, Cordie

  10. Hey Plushpussycat! Aww, thank you. It's really nice to be back too. And I really enjoy reading your blog. You make the most interesting stuff. Always a pleasure!

    Hi Randomfish! It is. You should check it out sometime. Uh... well, maybe when not so much of the state is on fire, but still. Even with a bunch of forest fires, Colorado is a pretty place.

    Thanks, Bama! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!

  11. Hi Pastel! Come on down and vacation any time!!! I'd be thrilled to show you the sights! And you probably need a jeep too. I think everyone does. They'll take you down the hallway of your keeper's house, to the miniatures store, and even to the hills and great outdoors! You should see if there are any pixie Jeep dealers near you. I highly recommend it. :)

    Hi Cordie!

    Thanks! A car and a scooter is pretty cool too. But off road is awesome. Like I was telling Pastel, you probably need a Jeep. They're a lot of fun, and it could go in your garage with the car and scooter. :)