Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Horse Thief at the Yard Sale: Miranda Finds a Home

I'm settling into my new job as Construction Supervisor of Wylde Kingdom Construction, but once I'm settled I'll be able to get back to my regular blogging. Promise. - Miranda

Once upon a time, I had a stuffed bunny. His name was Gage and he traveled everywhere with me. He was my first experience with a toy companion as an adult, and I loved him.

And then, Gage met a strange little red haired doll, and everything changed.

This blog entry originally appeared on Gage's blog, Hare in the Wind, September 9th 2006. I hope you'll enjoy this little story of how Miranda came to join the Wylde Kingdom all those many years ago.

- Wendy


(Horse Thief at the Yard Sale, or Where Miranda Came From. As told by Gage the Bunny)

 I told Wendy's mom, Karen, that I'd come help at her yard sale today, so I missed the writers' group... again.

Wendy assurred me that nothing draws in crowds like a rabbit doing the hula.

But I'm pretty sure she was pulling my leg.

They had all kinds of stuff for sale. Books...

Old tools (I think they belonged to Wendy's Grandpa)...

All kinds of stuff. (Upon reading the back, I discovered that Buns of Steel, is in fact NOT a work out video to make you a stronger bunny. I'm glad I read the description before I bought it!)

Things were going pretty much exactly as you'd think a weekend yard sale would go, and then...

I spotted her walking up the driveway.

I said "Hi", and she said "Hi" but kept walking, right past me, straight to the box of stuffed animals, which she jumped up on and threw herself into.

I wandered over, and said: "Um, hi. Can I help you? What are you doing in the stuffed animal box?"

She smiled at me and said: "I'm sick of not having a home, so I'm throwing my fate to the winds, and selling myself at a yard sale. How much do I cost?"

"Excuse me?"

"The stuffed animal box. What's the price for things in this box, please?"

"Oh, they're twenty five cents."

"Excellent! I shall find a home for CERTAIN at that price! OH! Look at that!" and she was off digging in the box.

"Do you live here?" she asked me, while casually tearing the dress off another doll.

"No, I live a long way away from here. I'm just helping out today."

"Oh, what's your home like? Do you live with humans?"

"Well, I live in a huge house, with lots of wild plants and stuff all around. It's pretty quiet except for the occasional owl or coyote. And I live with two humans, but they're very nice."

"That sounds absolutely LOVELY!" she said, with a strangely enthusiastic tone to her voice.

Suddenly, she turned like she heard something behind her, tossed the dress to me, turned around and said "Oh, what have we here? Hello little fella!" And she started digging into the corner.

"Here now, you don't want to stay here, do you? Up we go!" I heard her muffled voice say to someone under a bunch of stuffed animals. And suddenly she appeared on the back of a white horse with black spots!

She rode over to me, and asked "My dress please?"

I handed it to her and the horse jumped out of the box.

"It was wonderful to meet you," she said riding away.

"It was wonderful to meet you too," I said. Then I realized, she hadn't really been sold. Nothing had changed for her! So, chasing after her, I asked "Hey, what about 'tossing your fate to the winds' and finding a new home?"

"I have," she said. "See ya!" and away she rode down the driveway.

Weird. Just plain weird.

Thankfully, we got rained out before any more weirdness could occur. We sold a bunch of stuff, and mostly had a good time.

Even if, since I let the stranger (I never did catch her name) ride away with the horse without paying, I ended up owing Karen twenty-five cents! D'oh!


  1. Cute story! Now I'm intrigued to know the rest of the story!

  2. Neat to see how Miranda first arrived!! :)

  3. I love Miri's old hair! :)

  4. That is a very intriguing introduction! Miranda was never an ordinary pixie!

  5. I never knew the beginning either as it was before my time. Do please tell the rest of the story or show us the way to it. Thank you so much for sharing Miranda's introduction.
    Love, Valli

  6. You guys are sweet. I'm really glad you liked it! If you like, we can post up the rest of the entries. There are only a couple more. So maybe I'll do that for you Bama and NyXyz (and anyone else who likes history). :)

    Oh Zorropirate... my hair. My bad, bad hair. I forgot how it was. I got a better stylist and now it's much nicer. I like it short too, but I kind of miss it being long sometimes. Maybe for Winter.

    LouWho, anything but ordinary. Absolutely. :)