Thursday, July 19, 2012

Houseless Again and Things That Go "Vroom!"

So I've been spending a bunch of time at the doll store with Wendy. It's good for her (I'm a very calming influence) but BORING for me. Not that I really had anywhere else to be, though. You see...

I've been getting caught up with my friends who'd been hiding out at DDE, and one afternoon I had Madera over for coffee. We got to talking about the house and everything.

Madera fell completely in love with the house, and I don't blame her, it is a pretty nifty one. Anypixie would be proud to live here, and that got me thinking.

Madera has lived here for a long time, but she's never had a house of her own. I've had tons of houses. And I'm getting one at the end of August from that police auction thingy.

My wall house is done so I have somewhere to stay while I'm waiting for the auction. So...

I told Madera she could buy the house from me, if she wanted, including the bookstore in the basement. She completely flipped out and she's so excited. I think she's going to have a lot of fun running it, and I told her I'd be just a phone call away if she needs help with anything, but I think she's got it handled.

It is a pretty cool house, and an amazing opportunity for Madera. I hope she'll enjoy having her own house and business. She deserves them.

But this left me at rather loose ends. No book store meant nothing to do.

 I tried to be self entertaining, hanging out at the doll store with Wendy.

And ended up taking a nap in the wigs. (comfy!)

So I'm bored.




But today Wendy said she had just the perfect solution. And maybe she did.

 It's a remote control truck! Cool, huh?

It does a lot of things, and I love it.

It is very fast, and it'll go over just about anything.

It took me a little bit to get used to the controls, but I think I've got it now.

Wendy said to have fun and keep myself entertained. And I did.

I built myself a track. Just a little one. Tiny little track.

Around one of the legs of the "wig boutique".

I figured no one would even notice it. Kind of out of the way and all.

My little race car LOVED the track.

It had some tricky, hairpin turns but I got going pretty good on the straightaways.

Well, until I had my wreck. My truck wasn't hurt at all, but the noise called Wendy's attention to my track and she told me I had to take it down. Something about being a "hazard" and an "obstacle" something "people could trip over!"


I tried to be self entertaining. And Wendy said she appreciated it, but that it seemed to her that I was just the kind of pixie who needs something to do. Like a job. And she said she knew just the thing.

Well, we'll see. 'Cause if it doesn't involve becoming a professional remote control car driver, I'm not sure I'm all that interested. I'll let you know what she came up with as soon as I know.

Also, there'll be a Fawn update soon. I just need to convince the kid to let me get pictures of her. Working on it.

- Miri


  1. How generous you are Miri! Giving up your house & bookstore is such a selfless act! I'm sure you will be rewarded for it.

  2. That car and track were very cool!

    It is very sweet of you to share your house and bookstore!

  3. Aww, well shucks you guys. Madera will be a great business owner, and she totally deserves her own house and business. And I've got the room box, and the Villa coming soon. And eventually C&M will turn up again in all of this mess (I'm pretty confident. It couldn't have gone far. It's a building for crying out loud!)

    Thank you for your kind words, though. :)

  4. That remote control truck is awesome!!! Can't wait to see what your new job is! There's always a lot going on at your place, Miri. xo Jennifer

  5. Thanks, Pussycat! I love it! Maybe all tiny dolls need a remote control car. Pretty fun. And I can't wait either. She's been all "hush hush" about it and said she has to talk to someone else first. Hmm. Well, we'll see.

    You know, we ARE a busy little place, aren't we? Huh. Well, it's all good now, and that's the important thing. :)

  6. That race track looked like fun! I'm not sure what job could equal that fun.... looking forward to finding out. :)

  7. Hey Randomfish! It WAS really fun, until SOMEONE made me take it down. *grump* I might try making one outside today. There's a drought going on here, so goodness knows, I've got plenty of dirt to work with for a track. We'll see.

    And yeah, I'm skeptical that a job could be as fun as racing a remote control car. Seriously, if it was fun they wouldn't call it "work", right? Right. Fun or not, maybe having something to do would be a good thing. Dunno. We'll see. :)

  8. Oh goodness Miri, I don't want NyXy to see the remote controlled car. She'll be all over it like a rash. She likes cars, but she's a terribly fast driver and scares everyone in her path and her passengers. Love Valli xx

    Hey Miri, give us da number for da remote truck. I so have to get da Guardian to get me one. I luvz going fast and driving one of thoze round here would send all the pesky tiniez into a frenzy. LOL
    You are so nice to that Madera. I bet she makes a great job of the book store. Soon you'll get your house and will have so much fun. You are very kind and generous.
    Now, as to the job... forget it! That's work... acckkk... working is for the Guardians to do and then they buy us everything we wantz. Oh yes... but then maybe you will like this job thing. Not me, I'm free to not work. Yay! Love NyXy xxx

  9. That was so nice of you to sell your home to Madera. I bet she's going to do a great job running that bookstore.
    I love your remote control car! That looks like so much fun! Silly Wendy...I don't know how she could've found that track a hazard.
    I hope the job she finds for you isn't too bad. I agree though, it can't be nearly as much fun as driving a racecar.

  10. Hey Pastel! Well, I'm going to have that awesome Villa here in just a month or so, and I don't really need two houses. Madera's already fixing the place up. She just completely threw herself into it! I can't wait to see how it all turns out. She's saying she'll have a "houswarming/welcome back" party for everyone when she's done. Cool!

    Yeah, that Wendy. I guess she means well, but it isn't as if anyone was walking around the store anyway. Well, whatever. Human companions, what can you do with 'em?

    We'll have to find out about the job thing, but I'm going to need some extra cash to fix up the Villa, so a job will be good, no matter what kind it is. It was in pretty rough/unfinished shape the last time I saw it. Goodness only knows what kind of condition it's in now. We'll see! So much to look forward to!

    Hey! How was the wedding? I'll wander over and see if you told me in the comments on your blog! :)

  11. Hey Valli... uh oh. Too late. I think she saw it. And she does strike me as the fast driver type. But at least with a little remote control car, she can only take out people ankles. :)

    NyXyz, Wendy's dad got it for C.J. ages and ages ago, so we're on the looking for them to see if we can find them again. Wish us luck! And Madera is a great lady. Very classy pixie, that one. I don't mind working so much, and I like getting money, so it's all good. My companion is pretty good about getting me stuff, but sometimes a pixie likes having her own cash, ya know? You're lucky not to have to work! That's awesome!

    I'll let you know about the remote control trucks! Here's hoping I can find them again!

  12. Thanks Miri, you're the best pal. I haz all me treasurez buried somewhere. Now I just need to remember where, but I'll think about that tomorrow in the meantime, I'm getting the Guardian to buy me wotz I wantz. It works well for me. Have fun at your new job and I wantz to know all the detailziz. LOL snortziz

  13. Mir, as always you rock little gal! I can't wait to see what your new job is... and I can't wait for the full story on the auction!!

    Oh and I have your important award for you still... it'll be ready for your new store window soon!!!;)

  14. Hey Zorropirate! Thanks! And me neither. Waiting for this house to arrive is about to make me crazy.

    I am super psyched about my major award! Speaking of sending stuff, I'm told some little furry guys are on the way to your house. Furry? Furby? Something. Anyway, they should be there sometime next week. I hope you like them, whatever they are! Have a great weekend!

  15. Oh Miranda, that is the coolest remote control truck I have ever seen. How lucky are you to have it. Not sure what the problem with the track looked pretty fun to me.

    It was nice of you to sell your house to that other pixie. Hope you get your new house soon.