Monday, January 15, 2007

Persephone in Love

Seph: I just don't know what to do, Thorne. I just feel... drawn to him somehow. Do you think anyone's noticed?

Thorne: (chuckle) Well, I think everyone has noticed that you're spending a great deal of time with him. You need to follow your heart in this matter, Seph, and not concern yourself with what others may think. If you love him, you love him, there's nothing wrong with that.

Seph: Nessa would disagree.

Thorne: Nessa doesn't wish ill on Marius, but she is afraid that he'll bring danger here. You are a fairy just as strong as he is. If anyone could contain him, it's you. She'll know that.

Seph: I have to go, and he can't travel yet.

Thorne: Soon... and then he may decide where he wishes to go.

Seph: What if he goes somewhere else, Thorne? What if he never finds his way to me?

Thorne: Love works in mysterious ways. It always has. But it always has a way of working out. It'll be okay.

Seph: How am I going to tell Nessa?

Thorne: She'll understand... Nessa knows what love is. She'll understand. Trust me.


  1. Persephone likes the new guy.....I want to see what Lenore does, and the pixies. I love your family of children, they are the best! What is Persephone? A souldoll?

  2. Hey Sophia!

    Persephone is actually a Dollmore Ipsae Monahan. Isn't she pretty? She's my friend Amanda's girl.

    And yes, she does seem to like the new guy a lot. :) They're pretty cute together. I just hope Nessa isn't too mad at her.:)