Thursday, January 11, 2007

From Whence He Came

(and Marius dreams....)

Voices: He is one of THEM.... mind stealer.... dream killer....

Voices: Kill him!!! Kill him!!!

Male voice: It is for the Lady to decide!

Voices: (hushed) The Lady....

Female Voice: Mind stealers live not among us. And so you cannot live, Marius.

Female Voice: (whispering) Had you only taken me as your bride, Marius. How I would have loved you.

Marius: (quietly) I would rather die.

Female Voice: (soft laugh) And so you shall. Take him to the fields, and KILL HIM!!!

Voices: KILL HIM!!! KILL HIM!!!

Marius: AHH! NO!!!

Syrinx: HEY! Woah there, you're okay.... they're not here... you are safe. It's okay.

Marius: (shaky) You know... you saw them?

Syrinx: Something about hitting your head, perhaps, or the emotion behind the memory, but yes, I could see your dream. I am so sorry, I share your gifts, and I know the burden they can be. I am sorry.

Marius: (deep breath)

Marius: (suddenly panicked) The little girl! Is she okay? Whatever attacked me, did it hurt her?

Syrinx: (chuckle) SHE'S what attacked you. You scared her, and she was defending herself. And she's fine. She's very worried about YOU, as a matter of fact, and wants to apologize.

Marius: SHE attacked me? How? What IS she?

Syrinx: She's a changeling. A grown changeling. And apparently an elemental wizard of some sort. We've never seen anything like her.

Marius: Neither have I. I would've sworn...


  1. I'll say it once again, you have an extrodinary creative talent for story telling and photography. Little Lenore is sooo cute demonstrating such little girl behaviors as in peaking behind doors, table legs etc., climbing/crawling up the stairs I could go on and on,I'v not even mentioned the interaction between the characters in the story line they seem to come to life. The adventures and events are most entertaining and interesting. Sibara and Katie are eager to see what's next and Katie is especially interested in what is happening with Lenore. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cool story, you are talented.

  3. Eeep, how sad for Marius, getting booted from your home is super sad.