Saturday, January 20, 2007

Seph Breaks it to Nessa

(uncomfortable silence)

Seph: Please, Nessa. I just... I just feel how I feel.

Nessa: (sigh) You always did have the worst taste in men.

Nessa: Why can't you find a NICE fairy to fall in love with? Someone who isn't... oh, I don't know... A TRAINED KILLER?

Seph: Oh yeah, someone who dated a crazy man like Prince Tarl should be telling ME to have better taste in fae.

(more uncomfortable silence)

Nessa: Tarl was a mistake. And I would want to keep you from making the same one I did.

Seph: Come here. Even if this is a mistake, I need to see where it goes. And I hope you'll love me even if I date someone as awful as Tarl.

Nessa: He might not be as bad as Tarl. Lenore certainly thinks very highly of him. And I will always love you, Seph. You're like a sister to me. Maybe a big dumb sister with bad taste in men. But you stood by me through everything with Lenore and the court, I will stand by you if you want to date a psycho.

Seph: Um... thanks, sort of.

Nessa: And when you start having children, and your complexion and your figure go, I will finally be prettier than you. So I guess that makes it all okay. (smiles)

Seph: HEY! (laughing)

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