Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lenore's Nightmare

Lenore: Hawk!


Lenore: Hi Hawk!! I'm so glad I found you. I had the most terrible nightmare, and I haven't seen you in a few days, and I just thought that maybe you were in trouble because I had the most terrible nightmare, and I'm glad you're okay and you're not in trouble.

Marius: (laugh) Hello, Wren! There now. I'm okay. And it's long past your bedtime so...

Lenore: Hey, your hair is different.

Marius: Yeah, the pixies did it for me yesterday. Do you like it?

Lenore: Yeah! I wish you had told me, though. I would've helped. Where have you BEEN? I haven't had anyone to play games with.

Marius: (sigh) I've just busy, Wren. I'm sorry... and now you really should..

Lenore: Don't you want to hear my terrible nightmare?

Marius: Sure. Please tell me your terrible nightmare.

Lenore: There was a thing, like a little yellow worm, that was chewing on your heart. And you were falling, and crying, and I was reaching out for you, and trying to catch you, but I couldn't reach you and you kept falling. And the thing kept eating your heart and laughing. It was terrible. But your heart seems okay now. So where're you going?

Marius: I'm going... out. I have a favor to do for someone.

Lenore: I don't want you to go. I just have this bad feeling, like something bad is happening. Something bad won't happen will it?

Marius: (sigh) No, nothing bad is going to happen to me.

Lenore: Promise?

Marius: Promise. Now let's get you back to bed, okay?

Lenore: Okay...

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  1. Good story, good photos, like his disguise.