Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ariel Asks a Favor

Ariel: Oh good! You're up and around and you're even dressed! That's wonderful! Glad to see you on the mend, Marius.

Marius: Well, thank you for your kind wishes. I sorry, but don't recall meeting you before.

Ariel: Ya didn't. Name's Ariel. Ariel P. Ixie. Put 'er there.

Marius: (smile) Glad to meet you Ms. Ixie.

Ariel: Nah, boy. Just Ariel is fine. We're going to get to be good friends, and you should be on first name basis with good friends, shouldncha?

Marius: Well... I guess.

Ariel: You're going to do a little favor for me, Marius. Just a favor for a friend.

Marius: What kind of favor?

Ariel: Well, this not very nice pixie stole somethin from me. Somethin I want back. And I want her to suffer some for takin it. So, in a few days...

Marius: No, absolutely not. I'm sorry Ms. Ixie. I cannot help you.

Ariel: Well, that's too bad. Are you sure, son? It's a pretty little favor, really.

Marius: I have nothing more to say, Ms. Ixie. I'm sorry I could not help you.

Ariel: Well, all righty. I can accept "no" as an answer. Not going to be too pretty when your folks all get here though, is it? I don't think THEY take "no" for an answer so good... even though everyone'll say you were never here... but I don't think they'll believe them...

Marius: You wouldn't, I mean...

Ariel: I guess you'll just have to wait and see, wontcha dumplin? Wow... that poor little Lenore... they don't like people with powers like hers, hu? Awww, they'll have a great ol' time with her, won't they?

Marius: But... you... this is madness. They'll kill everyone here! Including YOU! You can't think they'll reward you, because I can tell you that they won't.

Ariel: Sweetness, being the one calling them, how likely do you think it is that I'll still be here? Hmmm... maybe you could hold them all off by yourself. Or, maybe you could run away... oh, well I guess even if you ran away, they'd probably kill everyone anyway. Well, that's a shame. Bye now!

Marius: (quietly) Ariel... wait... please. I'll... I'll do whatever it is you want. Just tell me what to do, but don't call them. Please.

Ariel: Aww, sugar! You're such a good friend, doin' me this favor! It's just a little favor...

Ariel: And now that you're willing to listen to reason, I think we're going to have a very LONG friendship, full of favors, aren't we, son?


  1. eeeew, we don't like her......Don't hurt our favorites, like our hero and Lenore and Peri and Nessa and Thorne......xooxx

  2. Boy, Miranda was right when she said Ariel was evil. Not only evil, but conniving and manipulative to boot. If and when the others find out what she is doing, how will they feel about her then? Hmmmm. I feel sorry for Devika and Taelyn. They both really seem to like her.

  3. Anonymous5:43 AM

    I loved the last shot, those glaring eyes, that soft pink dress! Excellent combination. And those little wispy curls. She's delightful!