Sunday, October 29, 2006

... With a Little Help From My Friends

Welcome to my Sunday morning.
Devika: Okay, Wendy. We're ready to go.

Wendy: Er... go? Where?

Devika: Well, this being the morning after the car accident, you probably have some symptoms of whiplash, and to help recover from that, you should be out and about. Walking and just generally being active.

Wendy: What the...?

Devika: Previously, whiplash was treated with immobilzation, and drugs, but current treatment options tend towards a more holistic, whole body approach including gentle activity, range of montion exercises, NSAID use as needed, good hydration and eventually body work.

Wendy: Let me see that list...

Wendy: So when did you become such an expert on whiplash injuries?

Devika: I had such a sugar buzz from that cake Mr. Thorne gave me, I stayed up all night and researched on Miranda's computer.

Devika: And if it's on the internet, it's true! Right?

Wendy: Well, Vee....

Devika: So you seem to be drinking plenty of water, and that's great.

Devika: But you need to get out and walk. So let's get moving!

Wendy: But I....

Devika: Because after you're done with your first walk today, I need to get back here so I can start counseling with Mr. Bunsworth and his friend Esio, who were also in the accident.

Wendy: Hey! Those are the stuffed animals that sat on my dashboard! Wait .... I have a stuffed bunny named "Mr. Bunsworth?"

Devika: Mr. Bunsworth seems to have been most affected by the crash, so we'll start cousnseling with him first, as soon as we get back from your walk.

Devika: Now get moving!

And so I got moving...


  1. How wonderful to have such great friends there to help you out. Makes things easier to have somebody else do some research every once in a while!

  2. Anonymous6:14 AM

    I about fell off my chair what an intellectual girl you have there! I love how you combine all sorts of scale and make it work.