Saturday, October 28, 2006

Getting Ready for the Meetup

Today we're headed down to Colorado Springs for the Colorado Ball Jointed Doll Yahoo Group's meetup. Everyone was just about ready to go, and here's some of the conversation I caught.

Devika: But Mr. Thorne... you HAVE to won't be near as much fun without you....


Miranda: Um... you're not dressed as a mummy.

Taelyn: I'm a cowboy.

Miranda: But you're supposed to be a mummy.

Taelyn: But I AM a cowboy.

Miranda: I left the mummy costume on your bed this morning, didn't I?

Taelyn: Yep, but I'm a cowboy instead.

Miranda: (sigh)

Wendy: Syri?

Syrinx: In here! I'm almost ready!

(of course, she's been "almost ready" for about an hour now).


There will probably be a million pictures of the meetup when we get back!

Off we go! (even if I have to physically drag Syri away from that mirror!)

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