Monday, October 02, 2006

Devika Helping Out

Devika - (stepping up on Altoids tin) Um, Wendy?

Me - Hi, Vee, what's up?

Devika - Well, Miranda said that with the well, and the gas line, and school and everything you were having a hard time holding it all together.

Me - Oh DID she now?

Devika - So I found this and I thought it might help.

Me - Awww, thanks, Vee. You're a sweetie.


  1. Uhm, gas line? What's up with the gas line? I thought only the well was having a problem

  2. They cut the gas line while digging to attach the well to the plumbing. (shaking head) This was AFTER Public Service came to mark it for them, mind you.

    Ah well. The pink paperclip helped me keep it all together. :) Vee is a darlin'.