Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Desk - Their Den

So, I came home from a long, icky day of school to find THIS!

This was once my desk. And now.... it's a pool hall....

... and a game room?


Miranda: Well, it seems we spend an awful lot of time on your desk.

Wendy: Yes, and so you dragged out all the furniture from your apartment?

Miranda: (scoff) Of course not silly, this is all new stuff, otherwise where would we sit in my apartment? (shaking head)

Wendy: But... where did it all come from?

Miranda: I have warned you before, about just leaving your debit card laying around on your desk...

Wendy: Oh, Miranda!

Miranda: What do you want us to do?

Miranda: Honestly, Wendy, it's pretty boring watching you type. So we would like our stuff to stay, it kind of makes up for the Spongebob incident, now don't you think?

Wendy: Um... (blush)

Miranda: So how about WE continue to share your desk, and you can hang out with us in our cool new DEN!

And that was that.

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