Monday, October 09, 2006

Meet Syrinx

Syrinx is the newest pixie to join my little resin "family". Here is the beginning of her story.

Syrinx was once a princess of the pixie High Court.

Until, though the actions of another, her position there was lost. Syrinx found herself exiled from the court, and her home. She swore revenge on the one who had taken it all from her, but life has a way of continuing on and...

Several hundred years later, Syrinx has adapted to the modern world very well, and now makes her living as a professional muse.

Working on her trusty laptop, from coffee-houses and wifi hotspots all over the place, she maintains an advice website, and provides e-mail inspiration and coaching to artists, writers, and all those needing a muse. Syrinx has found that over the internet, no one knows you're a pixie, or that you're only a foot tall, and this has served her nicely.

While she has maintained herself well over all these years, Syrinx has never forgotten where she came from, or what she lost. Things were going pretty smoothly, until she found, completely by accident, through the internet, the location of the one she swore revenge upon.

A certain pixie named Miranda.....

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