Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wylde Kingdom Business Meeting: Part 4

So even though I'd been wandering all night, I was feeling pretty perky and ready for the 2nd half of our meeting.

I got everything all set up while everyone else was sleeping in a little bit.

It was a little more laid back of a meeting. Everyone got folders full of financial stuff, and contracts and that kind of thing. That part was not very exciting.

But I got to introduce a very special guest, Lynn, the caretaker of Wightwick Manor. He had some very, VERY exciting news for us. No, Wighwick isn't moving into the Kingdom, but it's really awesome news anyway. Early Summer of this year, there's a very good possibility that Wighwick will be open to pixies from all over the world as a bed and breakfast!!! More details about that soon, just in case you want to come visit. :)

So then more of me talking. This being a chair pixie can be a little dull, but it was all important stuff to get sorted out. But now, the real work begins.

More milling about and chatting. Everyone is excited, and now there is so much to do.

We're all headed home with ideas and plans and lots, and lots of work to do.

CJ has a lot of building to finish. First, he's going to fix up the 3 Sisters Craft Shop, 'cause that'll be the fastest and then they can start offering classes. 

Aspen is very excited about Wightwick Manor being a bed and breakfast, and wanted to talk to Lynn about something. I'm guessing she wants to provide the honey for the kitchen there.

Saffron always looks like she's thinking about what everyone should be wearing. I can't wait to see what she comes up with once her clothing store is up and running.

Even Salome seemed interested in maybe getting some new dresses, and I think she's going to sell CDs to Saffron to play in her store. 

Eris and Sebastian hung back, just chatting. I think they were just happy Sebastian didn't turn into anything through the whole meeting. 

So once it was all done and we were all ready to head out, a handful of us asked Harley about showing us the sights. She said she would and "she could take it as long as we could".

I didn't really understand what she meant 'til we got to the cemetery. It was FREEZING! To which Harley just said "Well, it's February in the Rockies. What did you want? 90s?"

So we didn't wander, but the view made me want to. A lot. A lot a a lot. We'll do more wandering this Summer for sure. Colorado is just too pretty a state not to wander in.

And so that concludes all of the Business Meeting blog entries. I'll keep you posted here on how it's all going. Wish us luck. I think we can do it, but it's going to be a lot of work. Are we all up to it? I guess we'll find out.

Thanks for reading. We now return you to your regularly scheduled random Miranda Wandering entries. :)

- Miri


  1. everything sounds great Miri! I wish you all the best.

    So....was that a very old cemetary plot? It sure looks old. How may poor souls are busied there?

    Your state looks beautiful from all the photos I have seen. I'd like to visit it one day.

  2. What a great time you had, even though if means work. I'm looking forward to seeing the results. Ooh I so wish I could stay at the Manor.

  3. Are we talking about people sending their dolls for photo ops in the manor and your shops? Because that would be pretty cute :)

  4. So Awesome to see Miranda running things, and all your little dolls so busy interacting with each other. Its true the views from your windows are pure magic. Sooo need to get back to that lovely state!

  5. Hello from Spain, i like your Job. I love your collection of dolls. Keep in touch

  6. Hey Bama! Thanks! The cemetery we nearly visited goes back to the late 1800s. I guess there was some kind of disease outbreak there, and it took out a lot of the miners and their children. There's a huge section of tiny headstones. It's very sad. Wendy keeps thinking she should take her harp and play there (she plays at graveyards sometimes, just 'cause,she's like that) but we decided she should learn some tunes from the late 1800s first.

    There's a pixie cemetery there too, off to the side, where humans don't really see it. Bad outbreak of the Small Pix (the infected pixie just gets smaller and smaller until they can't be seen at all anymore and they're just gone).

    I'm anxious to get back up there. It's a beautiful place.

    Hey NyXyz! It was awesome! And come on down and stay at the manor! Or send a friend! We're still working out the details (like furnishing the place. It'll be a nicer bed and breakfast with beds) but hopefully Summer sometime!

    Hi Ilse! Yes! That's pretty much the plan. Anyone 5" or so is welcome! We're still getting it all sorted, but soon. Hopefully late Summer we can start booking guests for the Wightwick Manor Bed and Breakfast! Details soon! :)

    Hey Tiggy! Well, my family are pretty entrepreneurial. Apparently. Who knew? Come visit and let me know when you're going to be here! We can meet up at DDE, even though we don't work there anymore! Or you can come see Norm's! Come visit! Come! Come!!!

    Hi Marta! Thank you!!!