Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fond Memories of Wandering...

Things here are busy. Crazy, crazy busy. So I keep finding myself daydreaming.

Of course.

Mostly about being off in the mountains.

Of course.

Last June I got to go on an awesome Jeep trip, and it's one of my favorite daydreams.

We wandered up to Webster Pass, but to be honest...

 ... right about now, I would wander...

... almost anywhere.

Soon, though. Hopefully. It's supposed to snow (again)  in the next few days (early spring, Phil? Really? Stupid rodent.)

All of my favorite places to wander are cold and covered in snow, and will be for a while yet.

So I am grateful for the memories (and pictures) of wanders on warmer days. I'm lucky to have had such adventures.I'm just anxious to have MORE! Come on Springtime!!!!

And now, back to work. *sigh* Thanks for daydreaming with me for a little bit. :)

- Miri


  1. No snow here, but we are very soggy. We had a terrible drought this past summer and now we are getting our rainy season at last. I love the rain, but wish it were a little more evenly dispersed! LOL!

    Happy dreaming!

  2. Miranda, I am with you. Crazy crazy busy with work. Haven't had much time to spend with the dolls or Dixie. I have wanted to go back to Asheville NC where we had the mountains - it was beautiful waking up in that fresh air. But it's probably covered in snow right now. It sleeted and rained all day today.... hopefully the warm spring will be here soon.

  3. Hello from Spain: I like these PICS. Keep in touch

  4. Miri, Thanks for sharing pics of your past wonderings with us. I love the one of you crossing the river in your jeep. I completely get the "need to wander" feeling.

  5. Hey Bama! I'd take soggy over snow. I am sick of being cold and everything covered in snow. I want SPRING!!! I want greenery, and I could handle rain, but enough with the snow already! UGH! But yeah, we need the moisture too. So I guess I'm grateful. Kinda. Clearly I just need to take up skiing or snowboarding. :)

    Hi Lisa! Bummer! Poor Dixie. I'm sure she's missing you. But busy is good, right? Hopefully it's good busy. And Asheville sounds lovely. I hope you get to visit soon! After the snow is gone!

    Thanks, Marta! Hello to you, too! :)

    Hey Bearpicnic. I'm glad you liked them. That water crossing was a lot of fun. I can't wait to do it again! Need to do some work on the Jeep. Should really finish the inside of my camper. Lots to do, but I just want to wander. Thank you for telling me you understand. It's nice to think someone out there gets it too. :)

  6. Hi Miri!
    I'm so glad you are back in service! I really missed reading your blog! I've had Brain Freeze,and haven't been doing my blog either.
    I sure do wish I could've gone to the Casino with you! We were supposed to go to one in Biloxi,for Mums birthday tomorrow. But with the bad weather here,Mum didn't want to travel. It's 3 hours away.
    I heard Papa say,maybe next weekend. I hope it's true!!!
    I have so much to tell you,but it'd be best not to load up your comment box. So I'll write a new entry tomorrow,after we have birthday cake.