Friday, February 08, 2013

Wylde Kingdom Business Meeting: Part 2

So after a very success first half of our business meeting, we were all ready to relax and enjoy Blackhawk!

So it was time for a POOL PARTY!!!!

And what a pool it was, too! Okay, so to you human types it'd just be a bathtub, but to pixies, it's a HUGE POOL!!!!

Only a few of us decided to hang out in the pool, the rest were all discussing business still I think. Harley was all into it, and rocking a pink bikini.

There was even a boat! But I think Harley just wanted to swim.

So CJ took over the boat.

Turns out, Harley really likes the water.

Saffron, not so much. But she did like hanging around the pool.

Aspen liked just being near the water too.

Harley was really the only one into the water. But it was still a really fun time.

Juno just hanging out. 

Salome looking beautiful by the water.

Okay, so open water (like lakes and the ocean) freaks me out, but the pool wasn't so bad. Harley got me to venture out a little bit too.

But it was all Harley's pool, for sure. Harley Haug: the water pig. :)

This was a pretty great business meeting. ALL business meetings should involve pool parties, I think.  And in the next blog entry... I go wandering in the middle of the night and check out some financial investing (sorta)! You'll see. :)

- Miri

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  1. Wow, that is a humongous pool for pixies! What brave souls you & Harley are! Looks like everyone had a great time, but we can definitely see who the adventurous ones are in this bunch! :o)