Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Wylde Kingdom Business Meeting: Part 1

We have dug ourselves out from under the weird-alanche of January and got moving on towards better things. Thank you for your patience with us while we sorted that out.

Anyway, we're back now. :)

There have been so many exciting things going on while we weren't blogging, I don't really know where to start.

I guess the main thing is that there are suddenly a ton of businesses in the Wylde Kingdom.

We've all just been doing  our own things separately, but it occurred to me that we should be our own little Business District. You know, all the shops together. And so we're forming the Wylde Kingdom Business District. We've already got a Facebook page, but it was going to take some organization to really start working together.

And so all of the pixie business owners of the Wylde Kingdom came up to Blackhawk, Colorado for our first ever Wylde Kingdom Business District business meeting!

Well, and the scenery. It's always nice to get away to the mountains. :)

The business meeting was held in two parts. Part one was just introductions and sort of a declaration of intent. Just to sort of make sure everyone knew each other, and state what each business would be bringing to the District. I went first, even though everyone knows me.

"I'm Miranda Ixie, I am one of the owners of C&M Books and Coffee. We provide coffee, cookies, cupcakes, used books/CDs/DVDs to pixies everywhere."

Next was Salome Wormwood-Blackpaw. She runs the Wylde Kingdom School of Music and Dance and said her business would provide music and dance lessons to the in Kingdom pixies, and would be selling sheet music, and possibly musical instruments to pixies outside of the Kingdom.

Harley Haug told us about her Harley Haug Adventure Tours and Travel Agency. She provides adventure and sight seeing opportunities to the pixies in the Kingdom and would be in charge of all touristy materials for the Kingdom (souvenirs, that kind of thing).

She said she would also be handing a very special adventure opportunity for pixies outside of the Kingdom, but there would be a special guest to tell us all about that tomorrow. We all thought that sounded kind of mysterious but interesting.

Mr. Thorne is the owner/operator of The Green Elephant - Thrift and Consignment. His store sells all kinds of interesting, random things (including glass animals, which I love). He would continue to bring the random to the Wylde Kingdom Business District, for pixies both in and out of the Kingdom.

We all know who CJ Pender is, because he's the one who builds all the structures for businesses (and housing) in the Kingdom! He didn't know if he'd be offering to build stuff outside of the Kingdom yet. He's got his hands full just finishing the current businesses here!

Saffron will be running the Raggle Taggle Pixies clothing shop. Her plan is to offer lines of clothing for several different sizes of pixies, available to pixies who live in the Kingdom and outside of the Kingdom too!

Dee runs the 3 Sisters Arts and Crafts store, with her two sisters, Nonny and Mo. They will be offering classes on all kinds of crafts to pixies in the Kingdom, but they will be offering craft supplies and books to pixies everywhere.

Aspen Grove told us about her shop, the Humble Bee, which will be offering honey, and all manner of bee related things to pixies everywhere. She also told us that the jar in her hand was full of delicious purple clover honey. Who knew honey could be purple? I guess she'll have a lot to teach us about bees and honey. :)

My sister, Juno Ixie, told us all about the Sugar Shack, her candy store. She will be providing candy and sweets to pixies everywhere! In her hands, a jar of pixie sized Hershey Kisses. Mmm... they did not survive long after the meeting.

And last, but not least, my brother, Sebastian Ixie told us about his Potion Shop (Just called "Sebastian's Potion Shop" I guess) where he will provide custom and all purpose potions and magical items to pixies everywhere. He does make a pretty good potion, and they've been very popular in the Kingdom.

And that was the end of part one of our meeting! A good start, I think. There was then lots of milling about and chatting.

Everypixie seemed pretty excited about the whole thing. 

Juno was keeping a close eye on her bowl of kisses, but I don't think it helped. They all got eaten. The cupcakes I brought from C&M too. 

Saffron seemed very interested in helping Sebastian dress better, and potions for something, though I didn't hear what she wanted a potion for. 

I think Dee was impressed with all the other stuff people make. Being crafty, I think she and her sisters might be helping a lot of the other businesses. I guess we'll see.

The meeting adjourned and then it was time for a pool party before bed!!! But I'll tell you about that next time.

Glad to be back to blogging, even if I feel out of practice.

Talk to you soon!

- Miri


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Exciting stuff happening over there...can't wait to hear more! :)
    (And welcome back! Missed you!)

  2. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Oh dear - looks like the gift I sent to you Miri should actually go to Salome Wormwood-Blackpaw. How embarassing! -Opie

  3. This is amazing! In knew you were industrious in the Wylde Kingdom, but that is a lot of businesses. It must be fun to have so many clever people around you. Wishing you great success. You certainly deserve it. Hugz from all of us.

  4. Hey Mandy! Yeah, it was awesome! There are like a million pictures, so I'm trying to break up the blog entries a little bit. And thanks! I missed blogging!! It's nice to be back!

    Fear not, Opie. I'll make sure she gets it (unless it's super cool, 'cause you know, I like music too. She just took over running the school. I still do lessons there. Or will when it's moved to its new location. Things here are crazy!) How're you doing? I saw you hanging around a kitchen light. Looks like you're having fun too! :)

    Thanks, NyXyz! Industrious is one word for it. It is a lot of businesses, so another "I" word, Insane, might suit us too. :) Thank you for your wishes for success! I hope this works. Everyone is really excited. It's just a matter of turning the excitement into action and then we'll be going somewhere! Thank you! *hugs*

  5. My goodness you have been busy in the Kingdom, the business district sure is growing very fast. Wishing all the best success

  6. Excellent report, Miranda! Good to see all my friends -- I miss them so. I laughed out loud when you said that Saffron was hoping to help Sebastian dress better. Still laughing, actually. Poor Seb, too bad you don't have a barber in your group. And do remind Saffron, who is already savvy about trading, I see, that chemists and alchemists must wear the standard coat to keep their clothes from getting little burn spots that smoke and stains of odd colors. Whew, that sentence wore me out. I, for one, can't wait for the next installment. Do you suppose CJ would have a stick of dynamite I could use to get Ann going on the astrology shop? Hugs, Trilby

  7. Welcome back, we missed you!! And wow, how productive you've all been in January!! Congratulations on creating a business district, I'm sure you're all geared up for some great success!

  8. Glad to have you back, Miranda! The location for your meeting was gorgeous. Looks like a good time! xo Jennifer

  9. Welcome back! Everything looks amazing! :o)

  10. Hello from Spain, i like your pictures. Very cool. Your business district is awesome. Well done. I envy your collection of dolls. Keep in touch