Monday, December 01, 2008

Pixie Finder's Journal - First Contact


Lenore here.

Between internet problems, strange human holidays (what do they have against turkeys, anyway?) and just generally being busy, I haven't been updating.

But then I haven't really had anything to say, either.

Until today.

I was out horseback riding in the snow.

No, that isn't my horse Larkin. I found this horse just wandering around lost. He's very friendly. Anyway, I named him Ranger and I've been riding him around looking for pixies.

It seems that there's more activity around my pixie sticks at dawn and at twilight, so I have been trying to stay out later without getting in trouble with Miss Simona. There's a trick to it, that's for sure.

It's been very depressing, not finding the pixies. Miss Simona has said that perhaps we're too close to the human world now, and that's why they won't come out. They're afraid. She could be right.

We are certainly closer to the human world than we've ever been.

Still, I have had the feeling of being watched every single time I've been out. I KNEW they were there, and refusing to give up, taking one more look around before heading in, I saw tracks.

Hoof prints in the snow, and they weren't Ranger's.

I rode off quickly, after whoever had left the tracks. Ranger has a very powerful gallop, and we were closing in on where they turned when, bouncing in the saddle...

I lost my hat. Ranger stopped, and as I was jumping down to get my hat, I hear him nicker. Like a greeting. And that's when I looked up and saw who he was saying "hello" to.

Well, presumably he was saying "hello" to the pretty little black mare who was answering him back. But I was most taken by the very strange rider with her. She stared at me with an almost fascinated gaze. She smiled, and didn't seem afraid of me at all.

I will be honest, I was a little nervous. Miss Simona and Mister Gage have warned me about strange pixies, and this was not any small pixie, no, this I could tell was a greater Fae.

There is something about the Greater Fae. A sense of power that just rolls off of them like waves. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, and they are a little bit scary, but I didn't want to run away from her. Not after finally meeting one! So I just sat very still, and watched as she rode slowly closer.

She tried to speak to me, but I don't know her language. I immediately wished I had paid more attention in Ancient Languages class. I will have to ask Miss Simona for some tutoring, if I can do so without arousing suspicion. Quick as a wink, whoever she was was off her horse and walking towards me. Speaking in a very calm voice, as if she were afraid I would run away! The horses kept talking to each other in their horsie way. I figured if Ranger was comfortable, things were probably okay. Horses are good about sensing danger and stuff.

She came very close, and gently leaned down and picked up my hat!

And though she's obviously royalty, she handed me my hat as if _I_ were a princess!

I said "thank you" and tried to tell her my name. She held her hand to her chest and said a bunch of things I didn't understand, and "Moira". I think she was telling me her name was Moira.

But I didn't get to find out any more than that, because just then, Miss Simona out to me from the front porch that dinner was ready!

I called back to her that I'd be right there (hoping that since it wasn't dark yet, I wasn't going to be in trouble yet) and when I turned around...

Moira and raced off on her little black mare. I called after her, but she didn't look back, just rode off.

Darmit. So now I don't know what to do. Lose my hat again? Just keep riding Ranger around? And why was she afraid of Miss Simona but not me? I don't know, but I DO know that now that I've made contact I am DEFINITELY not giving up.

There will be more Pixie Finding reports. I promise!

That's all for now. Thank you for reading.

- Lenore