Friday, December 19, 2008

Super Duper Double Dog Ultra Swear

Louisa: Oh... Princess Teresa, you are so very beautiful. I would like to marry you!

Louisa: Let us ride in my carriage to the palace where we shall be wed!

Louisa: And all the villagers came to attend the wedding, walking to the beautiful palace to see the beautiful bride.

Calla: Little did they know, a giant space robot had come to warn them that this marriage would end the UNIVERSE!!!

Louisa: Calla, there are not giant space robots in love stories.

Calla: There are in the good ones.

Lenore: I think Calla can have space robots in her stories if she wants.

Calla: LENORE!!! How did it go? Did you talk to her? Did you? Will she help?

Louisa: Who?

Lenore: Yes, I got to talk to her. And she said she would help us...

Louisa: Who will help? Help with what?

Calla: Lenore went to Denver Doll Emporium to talk to Miss Paula because she knows everything about dolls and she can help us find Miss Simona's friend for Christmas because that will be the best Christmas present EVER!

Lenore: CALLA! Don't tell her!

Lenore: *sigh* She'll blab it straight to Miss Simona. And then it won't be a surprise.

Louisa: I will not! Calla, you know I won't!

Calla: She probably won't, Lenore. So... what happened? Tell me everything!

Lenore: Well, the store was very busy, but she is very nice and she made time for me.

Lenore: She listened while I told her the little bit of information that I knew and she took lots of notes.

Lenore: She said she'd make some calls, and she did.

Lenore: And she must have a lot of connections, because she called a lot of people. But eventually she got off the phone and said she had a good lead on where Miss Simona's friend was, and that if all went well, she might even be here in time for Christmas!

Calla: And Spot? What about Spot? Can she find him too?

Lenore: She did ask me about him, well she asked if there was anyone _I_ wanted her to find.

Lenore: *sigh* And I told her that it was much more important to find Miss Simona's friend. I miss Spot a lot, but I think I can find him on my own, and I don't think Miss Simona would be able to find her friend without help.

Lenore: But it'll be okay. Especially now that I've made contact with the local Fae. I'm sure I'll find him, no problem. Right?

Calla: Right.

Calla: So, you see why you can't tell Miss Simona ANYTHING, Louisa. I mean ANYTHING AT ALL!

Louisa: This is a GREAT secret! Oh, she'll be so surprised! I promise I won't tell Miss Simona a thing. Not a single solitary thing.

Miss Simona: Won't tell me a thing about what?

Girls: GAH! Nothing....

Miss Simona: *laughing* You girls. Aren't you just the most innocent looking group? Well, this close to Christmas, I imagine you DO have some secrets. As do I. *smile* I just came it to tell you dinner is nearly ready. So you should start getting ready to come down.

Girls: Yes, Miss Simona.

Calla: Phew! That was close!

Lenore: Too close. There's only one thing to be done for it.

Calla: Hu?

Lenore: Super duper double dog ultra swear.

Calla and Louisa: OH!

Lenore: Swear on whatever is most important to you, swear that you won't tell.

Lenore: I super duper double dog ultra swear on all my hope of finding Spot that I will not tell.

Calla: I super duper double dog ultra swear on Higgins that I will not tell.

Louisa: I super duper double dog ultra swear on Susie, my ragdoll, that I will not tell.

Higgins: Woof!