Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Simona: They could only afford one donkey...

Simona: ... so Mary rode, while Joseph walked beside her the whole way.

Simona: It was a very long journey...

Simona: ... and it was only after many days and nights of travel...

Simona: ...that they finally arrived in Bethlehem...


(rumbling motorcycle noises)

(motorcycle engine sounds cut off)

Dexter Elf: Well, this is the address, Misses A.

Ahma: Thank you, Dexter.

Dexter Elf: You want me to wait while you deliver the basket?

Ahma: No, I don't think that'll be necessary. But thank you.

Ahma: You tell your Boss "thank you" for getting me here. I really appreciate it.

Dexter Elf: Ah, I'm sure Mr. Claus would've dropped you off himself if his schedule hadn't been all messed up.

Ahma: Well, it is his the busiest night of the year. *smile* Thank you, Dexter. Have a safe drive back to the North Pole.

Dexter Elf: You betcha. And you know if you need anything, you just give us a call, right? Or have Paula call us. She's got the hotline number too.

Ahma: Yes, thank you. I think that things here will be just fine, though. I just have a good feeling.

Dexter Elf: Okey dokey. (motorcycle starts) Catch ya' later, Misses A! Merry Christmas!

Ahma: Bye, Dexter! Merry Christmas to you too!

(growling motorcycle noises driving away)

Ahma: All right then, here we are. Let's go have Christmas Eve, shall we?

Simona: They needed shelter and rest, and Joseph knocked on the doors of many inns, looking for somewhere for them to stay...

(knocking on door)


Simona: Was that a knock? *laughing* Weary travelers no doubt.

Calla: Higgins! Higgins quit it! It's okay! Oh My Gosh! It could be...

Lenore: Uh, it could be... uh... a last minute door to door Christmas tree salesman! Yeah!

Louisa: Oh, good save.

Lenore: *whispering* Shut up.

Calla: Yeah... um... it's okay Higgins. Quiet. Shhhh. We'll just tell them we already have a tree, and they'll go away. Right?

Higgins: Grrrrr.

Simona: Hmmm.

Simona: While I'm dealing with the "tree salesman" you should be thinking about which present you want to open. You all get a present tonight!

Lenore: Thank you, Miss Simona!

(Simona leaves)

Louisa: Oh, good job, Calla! Ha, Lenore. You thought _I_ would be the one to blab.

Calla: Does this mean I lose Higgins? I super duper double dog sweared on Higgins!!!

Lenore: You didn't give anything away. It's okay.

Calla: Do you think I spoiled the surprise?

Simona: (from the hallway) Ahma? AHMA!! YOU'RE HERE!

Lenore: Nope, I'd say she was surprised.

Louisa: They're coming.

Lenore: Okay, everyone in best behavior. We should make Miss Simona proud in front of her friend.

Louisa: Yeah, Higgins. Shush.

Calla: Don't you shush my Higgins.

Lenore: Shush BOTH of you.

Simona: Girls... Lenore... Oh Lenore... This is my dearest friend, Ahma. Lenore, helped bring her here for Christmas. Ahma, these are my girls: Louisa, Lenore and Calla. And that's Calla's dog, Higgins.

Ahma: Hello, girls.

Girls: Hello, Miss Ahma.

Ahma: No, it's just Ahma, my dears. Just Ahma. Lenore... I have someone here who would like to see you.

Lenore: M'am?

Ahma: In the basket. Extra special delivery.

Lenore: Spot? SPOT!!!!

Lenore: Oh, Spot!!! I missed you so much! How?! OH!

Calla: Uh... Lenore. I thought you said Spot was a doggie. That's no doggie, that's a fox.

Louisa: Yeah, I think that's a fox.

Lenore: Spot is a DOGGIE. And that's final.

Simona: Girls, let Ahma sit down, please. She's had a very long trip.

Ahma: Goodness, it was a long ride to get here. And I'm all dusty. Riding on the back of a motorcycle and all!

Calla: Really? A real motorcycle?

Ahma: Yes, indeed. It was very pretty and shiny. Driven by the nicest young elf.

Louisa: May I take your hat for you, Ahma?

Ahma: Yes, my dear. Thank you. You seem so familiar to me. Do I know you from somewhere? Did your mother perhaps go to a private school?

Louisa: Oh.. no M'am, I don't think so.

Ahma: Ah well, you just have such a sweet face. That must be it. Thank you, dear.

Ahma: Lenore, Spot seems very happy to be back with you. I don't think I've seen the poor thing sleep since we started on the way here. He must be exhausted.

Lenore: I am very happy to have him back with me too, Ahma. Thank you.

Ahma: Simona said you were just about to open your Christmas Eve presents. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Lenore: I have already gotten the only present I need. Just having Spot back home. I need nothing more, and there' s nothing more I wanted.

Ahma: You brought me home too, Lenore. I cannot thank you enough for that. Merry Christmas, Lenore.

Lenore: Merry Christmas to you too, Ahma.