Friday, December 19, 2008

Cranes and Wishes

Lenore: (quietly humming)

Lenore: (to self) and then a valley fold and...

Simona: (whispering) Lenore? What are you doing up? It's very late...

Lenore: I couldn't sleep, so I'm folding origami cranes.

Simona: I didn't even know you liked origami.

Lenore: I'm learning, because if you fold 1,000 cranes, you get a wish. I'm going to wish that Spot was here. I miss him so much...

Simona: I see... and how many have you folded so far?

Lenore: Um... three. Three and a half.

Lenore: I'm not very good at folding cranes yet. But it just takes practice. It's worth it... it'll be worth it... you know, to bring Spot home. I just... haven't you ever missed someone so much you'd fold 1,000 cranes for them, Miss Simona?

Simona: Yes... I have a very dear friend, a teacher of mine. I miss her... I miss her so much. Especially around this time of year.

Simona: But, it's been so long since I saw her, sometimes I wonder if she was just a dream and never really existed at all.

Lenore: Sometimes that's how I feel about Spot. I wonder if I ever really had a doggie, or an Un-birthday party. It all seems so long ago. But I think I did. My heart remembers Spot, even if my head sometimes forgets.

Simona: Indeed. The heart is wise, Lenore. You're a very smart little girl.

Lenore: Here, hang on... one more valley fold.... pull the wings.. and...

Lenore: Here, Miss Simona. This crane is yours. It's got hearts on it, and maybe it'll help bring your friend back to you.

Simona: Thank you, Lenore. Though, I don't think there's anyone who can bring her back to me. I wouldn't even know where to start. But, enough of that. You should be in bed, young lady.

Lenore: Yes M'am.

Lenore: Oof.

Simona: Good night, Lenore. Thank you for my beautiful crane. Have sweet dreams.

Lenore: You're welcome. You have sweet dreams too, Miss Simona. Good night.

(Simona leaves, turning out the light as she goes)

Calla: Wow, Miss Simona sounded really sad talking about her friend, hu?

Lenore: You SNEAK. You were awake the whole time?

Calla: We're going to need to fold a whole bunch of cranes, since we'll have to fold 1,000 for you and then 1,000 for Miss Simona, so you can have Spot come back and Miss Simona...

Lenore: No... cranes won't work for this. I can't fold them fast enough to help Miss Simona. No, for this, we need to go straight to the top. Straight to someone who knows everything about how to help dolls.

Calla: Santa?

Lenore: Better than Santa. Good night, Calla.

Calla: Better than SANTA?!?!