Saturday, January 05, 2013

Salome Takes a Trip to Norm's

Hi Everyone! Wendy here! Miranda is sick in bed with a nasty cold, so I'm taking over the blog for an entry. I hope you don't mind (I hope Miranda doesn't mind either). :)

Today, Mrs. Salome Wormwood-Blackpaw wandered with me to Norm's Dollhouse, where she did a little wandering of her own and even took a class!

Salome is a very sweet, happily married, gnome lady. She has a wonderful husband named Gus, and an adorable son named Hugh. She's very busy with the baby, so she doesn't get a lot of time to herself. Today was a special treat.

With Gus watching the baby, Salome wandered straight to Norm's and then straight to the craft section.

I caught her eyeing one of the fancy sewing machines. 

"Maybe someday," sighed Salome with a smile.

She wandered to the yarn and picked out a few skeins for a project. She's quite the yarn-worker.

Then it was to the book section to take a look at the children's books, for Hugh.

While wandering, she came upon a strange little house. She felt it was painted in very homey, gnomey colors.

She noted that it was for sale, and wandered on in to take a look.

She felt it was quite a spacious place. There would be plenty of room for the three of them in this house.

Not that Salome doesn't love the house she an Gus have now, and its very open floor plan.

"But this one would have room for a nice sewing machine in a crafting room," said, Salome. "Maybe someday."

While wandering, Salome discovered that there was a class going on today. You would learn to make this cute snowman egg, the sign said. It's a real goose egg!

Salome found herself very intrigued by the idea of this class, and signed right up!

It's a lesser known fact that gnomes, like Salome, are very, VERY attracted to sparkly things. So, the jewels for the top and bottom of the egg immediately caught her eye. 

She liked putting the braid around the opening of the egg as well. 

Gently and slowly, Salome followed the directions of amazing instructor, Debbie Botts, and put together a snowman egg all her very own. 

A few finishing touches, and it was all done. Not half as hard as she'd thought the class would be, and a million times nicer than the result she'd expected.

Not a bad day of wandering, for Mrs. Salome. But I'll bet Gus and Hugh were happy to see her when she got home. :)

- Wendy


  1. what a wonderful class & great project! I did a similar pocket watch class with wizard of oz theme by Ladybug some years ago. Tiny little scenes in tiny little places- squee!

  2. Hello from Spain: great job. I really like the house and all photos are very creative .. Keep in touch

  3. Wonderful decorated egg! And I love the little house too, as well as the sewing machine. :o)

  4. She did a wonderful job. It looks beautiful. The house looked adorable & I wish her luck on getting that sewing machine one day.