Tuesday, January 08, 2013

One of the Smartest Girls in the Wylde Kingdom

We are so lucky to have Lenore.

Seriously. So. Lucky.

There are two American Girl dolls coming to live in the Kingdom. (You can see more about them here if you like - The Dolls in the Attic: Bon Voyage!)

Everyone here has gotten really into preparing for them. We've not had dolls this large with us in a very, very long time and it gave us the opportunity to get out stuff that's too big for us, but that we liked and kept anyway.

These girls were raised with pixies, and everyone is excited to have them coming, including Taelyn who apparently thinks their slipper is a hat.

We've got seamstresses working on stuff for them.  And crochet circles making them things.

Or we did. Until everyone realized that making things for dolls who aren't here, and who are of a size you're not used to (and also more than three times your OWN size) is HARD. They're so different from us, and we don't know anything about them: what they like what they don't like, that kind of thing. We've just got no clue.

[No grumpy pixies were willing to be photographed for this entry,
they're THAT grumpy. 
So just imagine a picture of grumpy pixies here. - M]

The not knowing made tempers start to rise. Folks got snippy with each other. We wanted to have all these things for the girls when they got here, and it just wasn't working out and it was upsetting to everyone.

And in our haste to make them clothes and fun THINGS we all forgot one really, really important question:

Once they arrived, where on Earth were they going to SLEEP?!

Enter the very brilliant Lenore.

Lenore doesn't like it when everyone is upset and fighting, and she has a tendency to just slip away on her own when it happens, preferring the company of books and herself.

But this time, she took off to the back bedroom with more than just a book or two. She took all the camping gear we have left. Not to camp out just by herself, though.

To make a space for the girls!

She said she knows it's kind of rough, but I think it's brilliant. They've got their own tent for the two of them (she said she thought they wouldn't want to be separated to start, while they were settling in. Brilliant!).

There's a little meeting area in the middle for if they want to chat and for people to meet them.

And HER tent, off to one side, so she'd be there to help them, just in case they needed something in the middle of the night.

It really is a pretty nifty setup. She did an amazing job.

But... well, I don't mean to be a cynic here. But, this is a little uncharacteristically helpful for Lenore. She's not normally a huge fan of new dolls, especially not ones that are anywhere close to her height/size. It's just weird.

I guess we'll see. But one thing is for sure...

.. she's one of the smartest girls in the whole Wylde Kingdom. And I don't know where these guys would've slept without her. Brilliant!

And timely. They're due here today! One day earlier than their flight was originally scheduled! I'll let you know all about their arrival! Now off to finish preparing! There's still so much to do (but not as much as there would've been if Lenore wasn't brilliant.)

- Miri


  1. Being a huge fan of Lenore (and, Mirir, we love you, too, ya know!) we found this blog to be just adorable. Loved the pixies in the Business District hauling the big items. Brilliant! So hello to everybody there, enjoy your new friends. Er...just one thing: If they grew up with pixies, we sure hope they know to step with care wherever they go. Kisses!
    Trilby (and Ann, of course)

  2. Lenore is very thoughtful and brilliant. I'm looking forward to meeting the new arrivals, too. I think I got a peek recently and they looked just as excited as everyone in the Wylde Kingdom.

  3. Lenore is brillant! We here at the pumpkin patch think she is great- and have been missing her. Gracie here asks about her now and then. Must be something about the Soulkids, they are pretty much quiet. Looking forward of pics of the two new girls in the Wylde kingdom!

  4. Adorable post! I'm sure the new girls will feel very welcome when they arrive. :o)

  5. Lenore is very clever to think ahead!

    And getting things ready looks like it was a lot of stress, but I bet the newcomers will really appreciate it! :)

  6. Love, love your blog! So adorable...I want to come for a visit too! Glad I "found" you! Bea