Tuesday, January 01, 2013

365 Days of the Wylde Kingdom Dolls

We're going to try something new. Sort of. Well, we've tried it before and it didn't work so well. But we're trying it again with hopes we'll succeed this time!

There's this Flickr Group called A Doll a Day 2013 and we're in it. We're going to try taking a picture of a Wylde Kingdom doll every day for 365 days. We'll post it to that group, but we'll post it on our brand new, secondary blog too:

365 Days in the Wylde Kingdom

It's going to be a really great opportunity for you guys to meet some of the dolls who live in the Kingdom, but don't get a lot of limelight on this blog. I'll try to put some information (likes, dislikes, that kind of thing) with each picture and then when you see them on THIS blog you can be like "Hey, I know that doll! Her favorite color is purple!" Or something like that.

Hope you are already having a very Happy New Year!! Things in the Wylde Kingdom are already good and 2013 is going to be AWESOME.

Off to take a picture of our first "Doll a Day" subject. Let's see who's wandering around the Business District, shall we? :)

- Miri


  1. Sounds like a great idea! I have often wanted to join in something like this, but I know I don;t have enough time to devote to it. Maybe one of these years! Good luck with it!

    And Happy New Year!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I keep thinking I'd love to join in, but I have a feeling I'd be terrible at keeping up with it. I really would like to take more doll pictures though (because I just need every excuse I can get to play with the new camera in the house.)

  3. Hello from Spain: Happy New Year. It's a great idea. I will visit the other blog. Keep in touch

  4. Good luck! Our person was debating about joining in this year as well, but since we travel so much she decided not to. Remember to have fun!

    ~ Kiki

  5. That's so cool. Ma's been taking daily pics of us so far cuz she got into something on Facebook. A photo a day for 2013. So far Lexi and I have made it on, and one gorgeous pic of a mountain range.

    Have lots of fun with that!