Sunday, August 26, 2012

The D.M.M.A."Make It Yours" a contest for pixies (kinda)

I didn't get to go to Ohio with Wendy because my coworker CJ broke his ankle.  I ended up staying with him and keeping him off of it (he's one of THOSE kinds of guys. He doesn't like being down and off the job and he'd totally make it worse, trying to do too much).

So I spent a whole week taking care of him because I'm just that awesome of a boss. When Wendy got back from the trip, she said she had something very exciting to show me at Norm's, so I dropped CJ off at Madera's place. She promised not to let any of the other pixies know where he was, so they don't come over and kill him with kindness. Everyone is kind of in love with CJ.

I'll tell you the truth, the "something exciting" wasn't what I thought it would be. I was expecting like a new piece of furniture or something.

But it was even MORE exciting than that. It's a building! A little two room building!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So right at this point, it doesn't look like anything exciting but that's what MAKES it so  exciting! This is the structure for the Dollhouse Miniatures Merchants Association "Make It Yours" contest!

It's two rooms of total potential! You can make it into anything you want! Need a shop? It can be a shop. Crazy fairy house? Do it! Housing for your favorite Puki/Pukifee? ABSOLUTELY!

Norm's Dollhouse is going to put the shells together and then they'll be for sale for $39.99. You can find all the stuff to make them into whatever you want at the store, AND get this, Norm's is going to do "open Saturday" help days for the Make It Yours project, so you can bring your little building in and get help with whatever you're working on! Everyone is welcome! Pixie and otherwise!

I'll be there, even though I don't think I can be in the contest since I work there, and I'd be happy to show any pixies how to wall paper, shingle, whatever! I'm dragging CJ in too, since he knows how to do all this stuff too, and he's a great teacher.

He'll be all healed up by the time the contest starts too, which is October 1st. The contest runs for 1 whole year. So you've got from October 1st 2012 to October 1st 2013 to build your perfect building. Take pictures of it, send it to the D.M.M.A. folks for judging and you could win amazing prizes!

We'll be running a Norm's only contest too, so that's TWICE the chances to win wonderful prizes!

All the details about the contest are in an ad in the back of the September/October issue of Dollhouse Miniature magazine. But I kind of photographed the ad and posted it here too.

Just in case the picture doesn't come out, though, here are the details:
"Make it Yours" Contest begins October 1, 2012 through October 1, 2013

Assemble and customize a plywood kit made exclusively for DMMA by Alessio Miniatures and Majestic Mansions. Cost of the kit is $39.99, available only at participating DMMA member shops starting October 1, 2012. If you don't have a shop nearby, order online or by phone from our members listed at

You can do absolutely anything you want with the kit, using your imagination to "Make It Yours". It can be a cottage, fairy house, western jail, a restaurant or buy two and build row houses.

One your "Make it Yours" project is complete, photograph it inside and out and complete the contest instructions included in each kit.

* Grand Prize: Fairplay Dollhouse Kit by Rocky Mountain Woodcrafts

* First Place, General Division: $150 DMMA gift certificate to any DMMA member store.

* Second Place, General Division: $100 DMMA gift certificate to any DMMA member store.

* Third Place, General Division: $50 DMMA gift certificate to any DMMA member store.

* First Place, Junior Division: $125 DMMA gift certificate to any DMMA member store.

* Second Place, Junior Division: $75 DMMA gift certificate to any DMMA member store.

ALL entrants are eligible for a random drawing of prizes of miniature merchandise and gift certificates to member stores. Junior Division is age 14 and under.

Cool, huh? I hope some of you local pixie types will think about doing this. I'll bug you about it some more as it gets closer to the start, but I was too excited not to tell you right away! And you non local pixie types, check out your local DMMA store and talk to them about picking up a kit! I think this is going to be so fun! I can't wait to see who wins (even if it won't be me). :)

- Miri


  1. That looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Lou Who, you should consider it. You are so amazingly creative, anything you came up with would be just so cool. Just sayin'. :)

  3. This looks really fun, Miranda! Thanks for telling us all about it. I'm going to think about participating--wow!!! xo Jennifer

  4. Ooh, Jennifer! You're another one of those "amazingly creative" types and I'll bet you could do an amazing job with this. Check out the DMMA site for your local shop, 'cause they might be doing a local level contest too. You never know! I can't wait to see if you do it and what it becomes! AWESOME!

  5. Hmmm - going to have to think on this one!

  6. Hey Audra! Do eeeet!!! Well, you've got a month to think about it, and I think Wendy said the Happily Ever After ladies took some of these home with them, so they should have the kits available to go on the 1st of October! I would love to see what you'd do with one! (And then you'll need a little pixie like me to live in it... just sayin.) >:)

  7. Miri, This is a spectacular surprise Oooo I want to get my hands on one those perfect-just-for-me houses. (I'm a bit tired of pixie roommates But don't tell anybody. I don't want to hurt any feelings, of course.) But it's time for me to be out on my own. Now -- the big task it to talk Ann into it, too. And Richard (he gets real grumpy about "more stuff." It is a great surprise, and I'm glad you waited to do it right.
    Love, Trilby (Can you think of any ways to butter Ann up to this?)

  8. What a great surpize! Pity I live in the UK or I'd get da Guardian to have a go. Will you make one anyway, Miri? Another little Pixie house would be cute.

  9. Sunds like fun. Good luck to all the entrants! I can't take on anything like this at the moment. I sort of started making a little dolly space out of an antique drawer that will be mounted on the wall. I unfortunately don't have space for anything else dollhouse-wise.

  10. Hey Trilby! You totally need to do this. Not only will you end up with your own, awesome little custom house, but you could win FABULOUS PRIZES!!! :) Um... probably the best way to get Ann to do it is going to be something about your creative side needing to show itself, you think this would be a great opportunity to work in a new medium, it would give your roommates more space since you'd be living in your new house: make it all about other people and how nice you are, they can't refuse to let you be nice to other pixies, right? Right! Good luck!

    Hey NyXyz, there are a couple of shops in Canada that might ship internationally. You really should consider doing it. You don't HAVE to be in the U.S. or Canada to participate, but you can only get the kit from one of the D.M.M.A. stores ( I hope you'll do it! And I get to fix up the one as a "sample" in the store, so I get to build one, just not keep it. It's okay. It'll be awesome anyway. And I have that other Villa moving in, remember? I have plenty of house at home! :)

    Hi Bama! I think it'll be nifty, but they do take up some space. I think your antique drawer dolly space sounds very intriguing! I can't wait to see pictures of it! Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!

  11. Oh, this sounds like so much fun! So many possibilities...

  12. Anna, I think it's going to be amazing! I hope you'll think about doing it too! The possibilities are endless!!!