Sunday, August 05, 2012

Miranda in the Basement: The End of the "Miranda's Finds a Home" Trilogy

This is the final installment in the "How Miranda Came to the Wylde Kingdom" trilogy. September 18th of 2006, Gage the Bunny comes home to find out he suddenly has a new roommate....


I finally caught her name. That strange little girl who showed up at Spiritways on Saturday, the one that I saw at the yard sale. Her name is Miranda.

And she's living in my basement.

No, I'm not kidding. I wish I were kidding.

I've been hearing quiet piano music off and on for over a week. I figured it was just Kumo playing the radio or something. But this evening, when I got home from taking my physiology final, Kumo wasn't home, and I could still hear faint strains of piano. So I started looking around, thinking maybe she'd just left a radio on.

As I got closer to the basement, the piano music got louder. I wandered down and THIS is what I found.
(click the picture to make it bigger, you have got to see this)
She's got a whole apartment down there!!!

I said, in my calmest, most eloquent manner:


"My livingroom" she replied, with a smile.

About that time, I heard Kumo come home. So I wandered back upstairs, still a little shocked, looking for sympathy. But that was not what I got. Our conversation went like this:

Me - "You're not going to believe what's in our basement."
Kumo -"Oh, you mean Miranda? She's GREAT!"
Me - ...... (blinking) "You KNEW she was down there?"
Kumo - "Well YEAH, didn't you hear the piano music? She's been there all week. Isn't she GREAT! She plays the best Tori Amos stuff. Oh! And she knows Journey songs too! Don't you love Journey? You should ask her to play you something!"
Me - "You KNEW she was living in our basement?"
Kumo - "Yeah! It's really nice of you too. You're a pretty cool brother sometimes."
Me - "It wasn't really my idea."
Kumo - "You're cute not to take credit. She said she met you at that yard sale, and said she was homeless and you said you had a big house with lots of space. It'll be cool having a roommate, hu?"
Me - ......
So, apparently I've done this to myself, though I'm still not really sure how.
Good thing I like piano music, I guess. And she just started playing "Open Arms", just for me. That's lovely.

From that point on, Miranda took on her own blog and took over the world just a little bit at a time. She harassed Gage a few times on his blog after this:

In 2007, she came along (rather unexpectedly) on Gage's trip to the Pacific Northwest: Pacific Northwest Adventure Part 1 (there are a million parts to this, just keep clicking "newer post" if you' re interested in them. Miri shows up in entry #2)

She was always very helpful, including helping Gage clean himself up after a long night at a coffee shop: Gage's Funtastick Thanksgiving

Even though Gage was not all that appreciative of Miranda, or any of the pixies for that matter, and occasionally tried to get rid of them - Out and About Bunny.

I think in the end Miranda and Gage were pretty good friends. He's still around here, even though he doesn't blog anymore and occasionally they have coffee. Miranda has always liked bunnies.

Anyway, so concludes our little trip down memory lane. It was a lot of fun for me to relive these memories with you. Thank you. :) Back to our regularly scheduled Miranda blogs from now on.

Probably. :)

- Wendy


  1. it was a fun trip. I think I miss Gage a little, it would be nice to see (hear? :D) him again...

  2. It was a fun trip for me too! Its easy to see how Miri can find her way into your heart. She's quite special. :o)

  3. Such a fun story! :)