Saturday, August 11, 2012

Construction on the Cambridge

Lots, and lots of stuff going on here. Mostly getting ready to go to this trade show thingy with Wendy and her sweetie. Busy, busy, BUSY!


Construction on the Cambridge is going very well. I'm now Construction Supervisor for Wylde Kingdom Construction and that mostly means I tell my one employee, C.J. what to do and occasionally help (when it's something I can help with).

C.J. and I got the 2nd room on the second floor mostly finished. Just need to put in the stairs and it's done!

C.J. is a great employee. He's had a lot of experience with dollhouse construction (his family had a dollhouse building business for a long while), and he insists on sleeping on-site just to make sure everything is safe (I think it's also that he hasn't built himself a house, but who am I to say?)

He's been really easy to work with, and I love my new construction job. We've been holding our work meetings outside.

On the master bedroom balcony 'cause it's finished up and it's NICE! I remember now why I wanted this house for my own.

So in the evening I leave C.J. to sleep and I head home.

And at home I try to get some sleep too after rubbing my feet a bit. I love my job, but I'm not so thrilled with my work boots. Maybe I need some inserts or something.

Anyway, night night!

- Miri


  1. Hi Miri! Any chance of a romance with CJ? You both look a little lonely in your separate beds, but who am I to say? Just asking! ;-) xo Jennifer

  2. Yeah, Miri, you need a sweetie too! Why should Wendy have all the fun! You both look like a great couple sitting on the porch.
    Great to see the work on the house! You and CJ have done a great job! Have LOTS of fun at Aztec- it is a awesome show!Please be sure to say hi from Lisa to Shawn at Bespaq for me- I have missed seeing him and Pitt.

  3. Looking good! I also think CJ would make a great sweetie for you, Miri. What a cute little couple you make!

  4. CJ sure is a handsome lad Miri ;) The balcony looks I would not mind sitting there drinking coffee. I love the wallpaper in the master bedroom.
    Hugs Maria

  5. GAH! No, no, no! I mean, CJ is a cute fella and all, but I'm not... I mean... it just wouldn't. Nah. Nevermind. *blush*