Saturday, February 24, 2007

Too Many Fairy Folk!

Wendy: Hey, Miri. What's up? Where is everyone?

Miranda: Just surfing the web, waiting for you. I sent everyone away so we could have a little talk.

Wendy: Um... that doesn't sound good. How have you been, anyway?

Miranda: Yeah, see... that's exactly what we're going to talk about. Did you know I had to schedule an APPOINTMENT to talk to you?

Wendy: Yeah, with Emi. She's really great. But... I don't remember her telling me that I had an appointment with you this morning.

Miranda: She didn't. I hacked into her computer and cleared all of your appointments and sent her off on "errands" until about 3 this afternoon. I don't really DO appointments.

Wendy: But Miri....

Miranda: Look! This is exactly the problem. Appointments to see you! For crying out loud! There are TOO MANY FAE IN THIS HOUSE!!!

Wendy: Well, now... how many are too many, really? And I just hired Emi because I'm so disorganized.

Miranda: You HAD to hire Emi because there are too many of us for you to keep track of by yourself! Here, let me show you.

Miranda: I'll just show you on your computer. My monitor is really too small for this... If you don't mind.

Wendy: Um, go ahead.

Wendy: Uh... is that my Yahoo Photos page?

Miranda: Why yes, yes it is. There are 54 creatures on this page, Wendy. FIFTY FOUR!!!

Wendy: I knew I shouldn't have given you internet access...

Miranda: TOO MANY FAE!

Miranda: And that's not even all of them! I've seen creatures around this house that you haven't gotten around to putting on the web yet!

Miranda: What happened to those halcyon days, when it was just you and me.

Wendy: "Halcyon"? You've been doing crossword puzzles again, and there was also RABBIT if you'll remember.

Miranda: Yes, but she didn't really count back then. Those days when you were buying stuff for ME. When _I_ was the one who got to go places. What happened to those days?

Wendy: Your friends moved in and then...

Miranda: And then you started running Wendy's Home for Wayward Fae! Well, it has to stop. Something must be done!

Wendy: Oh really? And what did you have in mind, Miri?

Miranda: Some of them have GOT to go.

Wendy: Oh REALLY? And who did you have in mind to go first, may I ask?

Miranda: Hmm.... let me think.... oh, I know... ARIEL!

Miranda: And then everyone else over 8 inches tall.

Wendy: Eight inches tall?

Miranda: Okay, fine. 12 inches. Then the centaurs can stay. They're pretty nice and really cute.

Wendy: And none of the fae over 12 inches tall are nice or cute?

Miranda: Well, I guess Lenore and Nessa can stay. They're pretty nice. And Rabbit is really cute. Well, and maybe ...

Wendy: So you see my problem. There are many Fae here, but I love them all. And I don't want any of them to leave.

Miranda: How about just Ariel? I could keep her house to make moving easier on her.

Wendy: No, Miri. Ariel isn't moving out. No one is. Though, you do bring up a good point. Perhaps there needs to be a family meeting about this. I'll have Emi schedule one.

Miri: Yeah, when she gets back from her "errands" (snicker).

Wendy: Oh, Miri.


  1. Wow, 54! Very cute.

  2. Where is Marius?

  3. I laughed nearly all the way through Miranda's speal. She conveys such an attitude.(giggle giggle)
    Just cute cute cute, and I hope she isn't insulted by that comment, thinking her concerns were not being taken seriously.(snicker)
    Gorgeous resin family. Yes Miranda, all of them.