Friday, February 02, 2007

Taelyn's Snow Removal Business

(strange whirring noise coming from outside)

Wendy: Hey Trygve?

Wendy: Do you hear that?

Trygve: Hmm?

Wendy: That little "whirring" noise outside. Do you hear it? What is that?

Trygve: Hmm, dunno.

Wendy: I'm going to go see.

Wendy: (to self) What the... these are little pixie tracks!

Wendy: But where on earth are they going? And they're... dragging something?

(loud whirring noise)

Wendy: Taelyn! TAELYN!!

(whirring noise stops)

Taelyn: Oh! Hi Wendy!

Wendy: What on earth are you DOING? It's freezing out here!!

Taelyn: Well, I told Mr. Trygve that since it snows all the time, and I got this cool snow blower, I was going start my own snow removal business!

Wendy: Oh really?

Taelyn: And he said he'd give me a whole QUARTER if I cleared the driveway!!

Wendy: Oh, DID he now?

Taelyn: I've only been at it for half an hour so far, but I think I'm making good progress!

Wendy: Um... okay, well... good luck with that! Come in if you get too cold, okay?

Taelyn: Okay! Thanks!

Wendy: I need to go inside and talk to Trygve about how we treat pixies....

Taelyn: Okay! Bye!!

(whirring noise resumes)

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  1. How cute is this action, got a good giggle.